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After using your software for a while I would like to let you know it is the best monitoring software I have used to date. The only thing I didn't like about the version I was using was it didn't pick up on Facebook chat logs. I decided to start using monitoring software as something fishey was going on with my partner and she was caught out using the brilliant software you provided. I would like to get Fre Lifetime Upgrades as I have just moved up to Windows 7 from XP and my current version is playing up. ...

I have used REFOG for a year, i have founded the most friendly spy software i have used. it gave me peace of mine knowing what my kids doing on the net. it gives a real detail of sites visited and every key strokes as well as detailed conversation,it is a real peace of mine tool i highly recommended. specially to concerned parents ...

Ordering FAQ

Ordering FAQ

How do I order Refog software?

After you have decided to purchase, please go to the order page. Enter the requested information to purchase online. You can choose the most convenient method of payment. We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Maestro UK, Solo, Diners club, JCB and Carte Bleue credit cards for online purchases.

Once paid how the product is delivered to me?

After your order completes you will receive an email containing a link to download your software, instructions for installation and your registration info.

What charge will be shown on my credit card?

The actual product name will not be shown in your credit card statement. A charge will appear on your bank statement as pay number

Are there any annual charges to use Refog software?

The payment is one time and your license doesn’t have any expiry date. We offer a full year of free updates and support, then you can either upgrade to a new version with a discount or stay with your previously purchased version as long as you need.

I can’t find registration menu in Keylogger. What should I do?

You might have downloaded a free version that doesn’t require registration. Please download a trial version and go to the “Help-> Register” menu.

Can I move the license to a different computer? If I have a new computer do I need to purchase another license?

Yes, you can move licenses as long as a total number of installations doesn’t exceed purchased license count. Just uninstall the program from one computer and reinstall it on the other one using your existing registration info.

I have lost my registration info. What do I do?

You can get your registration information by visiting customer's area. If you don't see your order then you might have bought the program using a different email address. Please update your email address and try once more. If you still don’t see your registration info please contact tech support.

Please enter your email address used for the purchase in input field and press "Send". Your registration info will be delivered to your personal email account.