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Keystrokes recording software. Keylogger free trial
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Track employee activities on Terminal Server
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After using your software for a while I would like to let you know it is the best monitoring software I have used to date. The only thing I didn't like about the version I was using was it didn't pick up on Facebook chat logs. I decided to start using monitoring software as something fishey was going on with my partner and she was caught out using the brilliant software you provided. I would like to get Fre Lifetime Upgrades as I have just moved up to Windows 7 from XP and my current version is playing up. ...

I have used REFOG for a year, i have founded the most friendly spy software i have used. it gave me peace of mine knowing what my kids doing on the net. it gives a real detail of sites visited and every key strokes as well as detailed conversation,it is a real peace of mine tool i highly recommended. specially to concerned parents ...

Product FAQ

Product FAQ

Does Refog software work on Windows 7?

Yes, the latest version of the program (version 6) works on Windows 7. Refog products work on Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7. Refog Keylogger and Refog Personal Monitor also run on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)

I have forgot my Refog password. What do I do?

If you use a registered version please use your registration key as a password. If you use a trial version please contact tech support

Refog is no longer responding to my hot keys?

If Refog does not respond when the hot key combination is pressed please re-install the program. It will be launched automatically for you after installation is completed. You won’t lose any records stored by the program.

Will my anti-virus or anti-spyware software block Refog? What do I do if Refog suddenly stops recording?

The antivirus software installed on your computer might conflict with or block Refog Monitor. We strongly recommend that you add Refog Monitor to the exception list.

If the instructions above do no include your particular anti-virus, please exclude Refog Monitor according to the documentation of your anti-virus. You will need the list of Refog Monitor files. Please contact tech support for this info.

If your anti-spyware product allows to exclude files only by file name, do not specify the path.

You may have to reinstall the product afterwards.

I can’t set up email delivery or the logs are not being delivered to my account. What do I do?

Follow the instructions on log delivery (link). If that doesn’t help contact tech support for detailed info. Please note that log file can become too large and mail server won't accept it. We recommend you to decrease delivery interval to 10-15 minutes and/or turn screenshots off.

Does Refog protect my child from web predators?

Refog allows you to be aware that some unwanted activity has been attempted to your child.

For example if a pedophile has an online conversation with your child, Refog will record that conversation. If you see that your child has had such a conversation, you will be able to take the appropriate action to stop that from happening in the future. Further, if a pedophile suspects that he/she is being recorded, they will quickly move on to another target or most likely stop going after children.

Is Refog like the Internet filtering programs?

No. The filters are often not very effective. They too often don't catch the web sites you want to stay away from, and they sometimes prevent you from visiting completely legitimate sites.

We believe that recording what people actually do is the best way to keep them from inappropriate sites. When people know they may be watched, they are much more careful about what they do.

Can I use Refog and an Internet filtering program at the same time?

Yes. Refog works independently from Internet filtering programs.

Will Refog work with applications other than Web Browsers?

Yes. Refog records PC activity for all of your applications, including word processors, spreadsheets, financial programs, databases, communications, and even games. With Refog you'll be able to see exactly how your children or employees are spending their time.

Am I allowed to install Refog software on somebody else's computer?

You may only install Refog on a computer that you own. The software can't be installed if you do not have administrative rights to access a computer.

Can I monitor my spouse with this software?

You should not monitor your spouse or other members of your family with any Refog product without the consent and knowledge of such persons. Doing so may violate local, state or federal laws and you could be subject to civil or criminal penalties.

Should I inform my employees that they are being monitored?

Yes. As it's stated in REFOGTM END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT if “you” are an organization, you should ensure that each member of your organization (including employees and contractors) about whom personal data may be provided to the REFOG has given his or her express consent to the REFOG’s processing of such personal data.

Can I use the information recorded with Refog as evidence in a court of law?

Refog can not guarantee that you will be able to use the recordings in a court of law. A judge determines the admissibility of evidence on a case by case basis. You should assume that the information recorded would not be permitted as evidence.

Can Refog be circumvented?

Refog is hidden from users of a monitored computer and is protected from being blocked or uninstalled by unauthorized users.

When all the settings for invisibility are enabled, Refog does not show in Windows system tray, Start menu, Add/Remove Programs, Task Manager. It cant be uninstalled without the password which you specify.

Does Refog slow down computer?

Refog does not slow down the operation of the computer it is monitoring.