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Virtual Keyboard from Google

28 May 2010, by — admin ()

Google has added a virtual onscreen keyboard for typing in visitor’s mother tongue to the search and result pages of its search system. 35 languages are available with the exception of English and Chinese. Now there’s an icon next to the search box. When clicked it launches a virtual keyboard. With its help symbols are typed by mouse clicks on the desired letter on the screen.

About a year ago a program interface (API) was presented for free use of such a keyboard on third party web sites or in browser-based scripts.

Such a feature could be useful not only in case when you are forced to use a keyboard without necessary national layout (for example, while traveling), but also in case you fear a possible interception of data entered from the keyboard (such as when using public computers, Internet cafes, etc.).

Using the virtual keyboard will protect you not only from hardware keyloggers, but also from illegally installed primitive spy software.

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