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Europe: control over personal data on the Internet

16 November 2010, by — admin ()

Viviane Reding, the European Union commissioner for information society and media, called to European leaders with an attempt to draw their attention to the problem of gradual loss of users’ control over the distribution of their personal data.

She explained that the users’ inability to control the distribution of their personal data is not just a serious problem, but also a violation of the private data protection law adopted back in 1995.

Her address also covers the necessity of creating more up-to-date laws protecting personal data, revision of the current legislation and creation of tools that will enable users to remove any references to their personalia on the Internet.

Confidential information published online (in social networks and various online services) can seriously affect people’s lives. Such precedents have already resulted in job losses, divorces and other serious problems.
Today, removal of the information published online is an incredibly complex (if at all feasible) task, since information can spread absolutely unpredictably.

The European Commission has already started discussing this problem. The draft version of the document that is supposed to minimize the collection and storing of personal users’ data on the Internet is expected to be released in 2011.

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