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Internet threats in Q3 2010

10 November 2010, by — admin ()

Entensys and Commtouch have released a detailed report on the most serious Internet threats in Q3 2010.

Entensys develops a line of traffic monitoring and Internet access products and is mostly known for its flagship product, UserGate. Commtouch (Israel) specializes in the study of emerging spam activities and development of anti-spam solutions.

The report covers the following trends:

  • Along with regular spam messages with links to malware, users started receiving messages with infected attachments.
  • Spammers are now using fake social network (LinkedIn, etc) invitations and notifications to distribute links to malware and illegal drugstores.
  • The companies have identified that some malware is now distributed using a new complex multi-step infection scheme.
  • PayPal fraud has focused on the South African Telescope Shop.
  • Links to illegal drugs are more and more often disguised as letters of support for various politicians.

You can read the full version of the report on the Entensys website.

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