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Trend Micro displeased with Microsoft’s MS Security Essentials in Windows Update

10 November 2010, by — admin ()

MSE in Windows UpdateTrend Micro, a developer of commercial antivirus software, criticized Microsoft for its recent inclusion of the free MS Security Essentials antivirus tool into Windows Update, the standard update service in Windows operating systems.

A representative of Trend Micro stated that this update affected the interests of the company and forced users to switch to Microsoft’s antivirus solution without offering them any alternatives.

Microsoft retorts the charge and believes that the accusation is unjustified for a number of reasons.

  • The update will only be made available to users with no anti-virus tools installed at all. This update runs a special check to identify them.
  • Users always have a choice — even critical OS updates can be skipped.
  • The update containing MS Security Essentials is marked as optional and will not be installed without the user’s permission.

Microsoft remains confident that this type of free antivirus tool distribution will help users that have no opportunity or time to look for and install alternative antivirus software.

This conflict appeared to be quite unexpected, considering that Microsoft is a client of Trend Micro — their antivirus solutions are used in some Microsoft’s services. It should be noted, however that it’s not the first time Trend Micro has expressed dissatisfaction with free antivirus products: in 2008, the company sued ClamAV developers for breaching patent rights for a method of checking files over FTP. This lawsuit initiated by Trend Micro was condemned by the Open Source and Free Software Foundation (FSF) communities.

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