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Developers of “spyware” software forced to yield

11 January 2011, by — admin ()

The conflict between CyberSpy Software and the US Federal Trade Commission has been settled outside the courtroom. The conflict was caused by the developer’s violation of fair trade rules during the sales of RemoteSpy, its keylogging tool.

RemoteSpy was positioned as a comprehensive and impossible-to-detect spyware tool that was supplied with detailed installation instructions, including those for unauthorized installation.

The program is a typical keylogger with all the features of this type of programs: discreet interception of key presses, creation of screenshots, logging of IM chats and browsing history.

Despite the developers’ efforts, the program is still classified by many anti-virus tools as potentially dangerous spyware. For example, Kaspersky Labs software identifies it as riskware — a program capable of inflicting damage if used for illegal purposes.

The FTC forbade the use of provocative ad statements inciting users to use the program for illegal purposes. Consumers must be informed in advance about the responsibility for misusing this kind of software.

On the other hand, products must identify themselves in the system and have a functional installer with an option that allows the user to cancel the installation process. This will make illegal use highly problematic and won’t be an obstruction to using the program for legal purposes.

Once CyberSpy Software made the necessary changes in the product, the FTC allowed the company to resume the sales of RemoteSpy.

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