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Internet threats in 2011

25 January 2011, by — admin ()

January is the time to look back at the previous year and study predictions from experts for the coming year. The field of information security is not an exception.

A large developer of solutions in this field. the company Stonesoft (Helsinki, Finland), has prepared a report on upcoming threats based on data analysis for several recent years.

Stonesoft experts, who have 20 years experience in information security, have compiled a list of the most likely trends for this year:

  • Viruses are expected to appear for Apple systems.
  • The number of attacks on social networks will increase, including attempts to hack user accounts.
  • «Information wars» are expected, attacks aimed at government bodies for political and financial reasons.
  • There will be an increase in the number of attacks on companies for financial benefit, including using social engineering methods.
  • There is also a possible increase in the number of Stuxnet like attacks on important sites.
  • A possible target may become mobile and smart phones.
  • Viruses will become more complex in the search and use of system vulnerabilities, and carry out the task to «infect everything at any price».
  • Developers of security systems will have to unite their efforts to search for methods to prevent attacks which use the recently discovered AET mechanism.

The Stonesoft Director for information security Joona Airamo believes that in 2011 the greatest threats will be logical extensions of the most important themes of 2010. These were the intellectual worm Stuxnet, advanced evasion techniques (AET) and, traditionally, social engineering.

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