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The number of online crimes grew by 70 times

11 January 2011, by — admin ()

According to a research conducted by The Daily Mail, the number of crimes committed with the help of websites and online communities grew by 70 times since 2007.

Daily Mail is a British daily paper published since 1896. It is known for selling its entire 1-million circulation in a single day.

According to their information, murders and rapes are more and more often committed using social networks and various online services. This is also where all kinds of network intimidation, threatening and blackmailing take place.

The research was started after the journalists of the paper came across several cases that drew a lot of public attention.

  • The first incident was a house robbery that occurred when the owners were visiting a hospital with their child. It was the child who let the robbers know that nobody would be home through Facebook.
  • Another Facebook-related case involves a 17-year-old girl who was seduced and then murdered by her 33-year-old Facebook “friend”.
  • A 15-year-old schoolboy had a fight with a classmate that eventually evolved into collective humiliation and a class-wide “hunt” for him in social networks. As the result, the student committed a suicide.
  • An escaped convict teased the police for several months using Facebook. When he was eventually caught, he had tens of thousands of “friends” following his escape adventures.

The Daily Mail also reports that starting from October 2010, a special educational course has been available in the UK for teaching police detectives the principles of online data mining and prevention of online crimes.

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