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Children spend more time each week in front of PC’s than with their textbooks

11 February 2011, by — admin ()

ChildWise, a British research agency, has published a report based on surveys completed by two thousand kids aged 5-16 from 92 different schools.

The report clearly states that various Internet-enabled devices are gradually becoming a sort of “virtual nanny” and Internet is becoming the children’s playground.

The Internet is steadily replacing television that has been playing this role for years.

The following figures from the report appear to be quite interesting:

  • School-aged children spend less time every week on doing their homework than on using their computers.
  • Around 97% of schoolchildren aged 11-16 have a personal cell phone (89% for adults and 30% for 8-year-olds).
  • Most of them use their phones for going online.
  • Around 60% of children aged 11-16 have a computer and a TV set and 50% of them have permanent Internet access.
  • These kids spend their free time in social and torrent networks and on video portals.
  • Over 30% of kids aged 7-10 use social networks, although it’s only legal for children aged 13 and above.
  • 30% of the respondents have a personal blog and 62% have a profile in a social network.
  • Children with Internet access spend an average of 1.7 hours online every day, slightly more on watching TV and just as much time on playing computer games.

Doctor Emma Bond, a child development expert, believes that it’s high time for many parents to re-evaluate the situation, restrict access to television and websites and start educating their children on their own. She also added that “school-aged children also use cell phones for sexual development by using them as a means of establishing intimate contacts with each other”, which is an important element of the personality formation process.


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