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Facebook: personal data leaked

11 February 2011, by — admin ()

facebookFacebook has recently faced a number of information security problems. However, they were all solved in a timely manner and went unnoticed for the users and the general public. For instance, the Facebook team recently fixed a bug that allowed intruders to access personal users’ messages.

This year kicked off with a serious problem for the #1 social network. Two students, Zhou Li and Ruy Wang, found a vulnerability which allowed malicious websites to access Facebook users’ private data and spam their accounts.

By the time the students identified and described this scheme, it had been actively used by fraudsters who also used phishing sites that imitated popular online resources and services.
Facebook immediately reacted to the news and fixed the bug, which allowed it to prevent a major security scandal.

Graham Cluley from Sophos, an information security company, says that “Facebook is an extremely complex software system and occasional findings of security vulnerabilities are virtually inevitable”.

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