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Keykeriki: a new device for capturing wireless traffic

4 February 2011, by — admin ()

This new device for capturing traffic with a large number of wireless devices (including keyboards, various remote controls, medical equipment and other devices), works based on open source software and is called Keykeriki version 2.

It captures the whole flow of wireless data using Nordic Semiconductor chips. The device was developed by specialists from Dreamlab Technologies and costs only $100.

Keykeriki is not only a device sniffer. Unlike the first version it not only has a function for capturing packets, but also the ability to inject signals, that is to control remotely the observed devices.

At the CanSecWest conference, company developers demonstrated a fully fledged attack on a system using Keykeriki. The attack began by capturing the signal from a wireless Microsoft keyboard, then its XOR encryption signal was hacked and it was possible to fully control the computer to which it was attached.

Experts believe that such actions would lead to a successful result, and if more secure encryption was used it would only need a little bit more time.

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