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7.5-fold increase in viruses stealing personal data

29 March 2011, by — admin ()

kaspersky labThe antivirus company Kaspersky Lab has announced that online fraudsters are showing  much greater interest in personal data.

In 2010 more than 1000 000 viruses, aimed at stealing this data, were added to Kaspersky Lab’s virus database. This is double the number for 2009 and compared to 2006, 7.5 times greater.

Most of these viruses are trojans which spy on an infected computer (Trojan-Spy, 135% increase for the year). Slightly behind these are viruses which steal log-ins and passwords (Trojan-PSW 94% growth) and those which try to steal banking system keys (Trojan-Banker 22% growth).

Millions of computers are attacked every day by malicious software. Many of them become infected and fall into the control of criminals. These computers, without their owners authorisation, are used by criminals to send spam and launch DDoS attacks, while data from these computers (including personal and confidential) can be used in any way and by anyone.

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