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Android: protection of private information

11 May 2011, by — admin ()

As Android, an open source mobile platform, is steadily gaining popularity, more and more applications are released for it. The flipside of this popularity, however, is the emergence of malware modules, backdoor tools and other unexpected and unpleasant “Easter eggs” in regular applications that are often used for collecting more user-related information than necessary and allowed.

Luckily, users now have a decent (and affordable) solution for this problem. A set of two security tools, Privacy Blocker and Privacy Inspector, will help you keep excessively curious programs on your smartphone on a short leash.

Privacy Inspector is a vulnerabilities scanner. It scans the entire system, checks every program installed and reports any suspicious functions they use. A thievish app can be removed at once or “tricked” using the second tool from the set.

Privacy Blocker can also scan your Android OS and show you what programs are requesting data irrelevant to their primary purpose. But that’s not all. Privacy Blocker makes it possible to use suspicious programs if you really need them. However, it will pitch completely useless gibberish to them instead of the information they request, so rest assured that your private information is safe and won’t be sent to third parties.

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