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iPhone and iPad secretly monitor their owners’ activities

11 May 2011, by — admin ()

Pete Warden and Alasdair Allan, British IT experts, have found out that Apple phones and tablets equipped with a 3G module save users’ location details to a hidden file.

This information (similar to GPS logs in GPX or KML formats) is stored in a file called consolidated.db in an open form and is copied to the PC during synchronization or backup.

This function was found in all iOS versions starting from version 4. This way, anyone with access to another user’s PC or phone will also have access to a large database of fairly accurate data about the device owner’s physical locations since June 2010 (when iOS 4 was released).

Warden and Allan created a compact parser for Mac computers that allows users to project the coordinates collected by the device onto a map.

Relative inaccuracy or the logged coordinates proves that they are not collected using a built-in GPS receiver, but are calculated using the coordinates of base stations in GSM networks. Apple has not provided any comments on this situation.

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