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Security Flaw in Electronic Locks Exploited

20 December 2012, by — admin ()

The thief entered a hotel room by opening its electronic lock using a special device and stole a laptop. Quite naturally, the police found no evidence of a break-in and none of the hotel’s keys were used. The investigation showed that the lock was opened using a special electronic tool. As the result, the police arrested the 27-year-old Matthew Allen Cook, who had been previously convicted for theft. He was caught trying to sell the stolen equipment.

He entered the hotel room using a security flaw in electronic locks made by Onity. Such locks are used in 4 million hotels around the globe.

The vulnerability was presented at the Black Hat Security conference by Cody Brocious, a security expert who used a sub $50 programming device to demonstrate how any hotel room can be easily opened. The vulnerability exists due to the fact that opened unencrypted ports of the lock allow any device to read device management data from its memory.

The manufacturer of electronic locks who obviously underestimated the value of information security, has been refraining from comments so far.

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