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Phaedophile vs. Facebook

20 December 2012, by — admin ()

facebookA US citizen formerly convicted for phaedophilia filed a lawsuit against Facebook demanding compensation for moral damage caused by the content of a user’s page. The man demands that the social network disable the page titled “keeping our kids safe from predators“.

This page is intended for sharing information about phaedophiles in Northern Ireland, which, its creators believe, helps prevent the impairment of children’s rights. The man’s personal details were published on the page, which resulted in the lawsuit being filed.

According to mass media, back in 1980, this man was found guilty in with 15 phaedophilia-related episodes and sentenced to a prison term, but has been out for some time now.
I am worried about my own safely and am currently under a lot of stress, since an assault on me is just a matter of time now,” he says.

This is not his first lawsuit against Facebook. In the first case, the court ordered the social network to block the page, but several clones appeared just a few days later.
At that time, the judge commented on the situation in the following way: “He has already been punished with his conviction, and his life at the moment is being substantially regulated by officials anyway.

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