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Ultimate information security

13 September 2013, by — admin ()

The Commerce Department’s Economic Development Administration has recently demonstrated extreme zeal in maintaining ultimate information security on its own premises.

A preliminary analysis showed that 146 of the department’s 250 computers were infected with a virus. As it turned out later, this early information was completely wrong – just two computers had problems.

However, the they took it very seriously, even too seriously. To defend against the spreading virus, the company’s management decided to physically eliminate all “infected” equipment, including computers, keyboards, mice, printers, surveillance cameras, TV’s and so on.

The total damage caused by this decision (investigation, deployment of an interim infrastructure, planning, purchasing of new equipment and recycling of old devices) reached 2.7 million dollars, exactly a half of the department’s budget.

An interesting approach to a seemingly simple problem, isn’t it?

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