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Updating Refog programs to version 8

7 February 2014, by — admin ()

We are glad to announce that we have finished working on version 8 of Refog Personal Monitor and Refog Employee Monitor.

Personal Monitor Personal Monitor

The new versions of the programs can be downloaded from corresponding pages.

The following new features were added:

    • Periodical capturing of images from an integrated or external webcam connected to the computer.
    • Recording of all Skype calls.
    • Full support of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.
    • In Employee Monitor, we added a possibility to install agents on the network using MSI packages.

Below is detailed information on new features, configuration and licensing. 
The new periodical webcam image capture feature is very easy to use, and its settings (Settings -> monitoring –> Webcam capture) are virtually identical to those of the screenshots capture feature. All you need to do is to select the image capture interval and the device to be used, and make a test shot. Make sure that the camera does not turn on the flash or any other indicators when making a shot, since it may compromise monitoring efficiency.

Recording of Skype calls is even easier, since it doesn’t have any settings at all. Just enable it (Settings->Monitoring->Check the “Call Recording” box opposite the name of the necessary user), and the program will record all calls. However, there are some peculiarities that you should take into consideration:

    • The program saves recordings in the OGG format. Recording in the popular MP3 format would make the program more expensive, since it’s a commercial codec.
    • Call recordings cannot be attached to email reports. The size of audio files makes it impossible to use this delivery method.
    • Call recording is only possible in Windows Vista, 7 and 8. It won’t work in Windows XP.
    • You will need to restart Skype or your computer after enabling call recording.

Instead of old script-based installers in the VBS format that many users had problems with, we developed an MSI installer for the network version of Employee Monitor. Owners of peer-to-peer local networks won’t feel any difference, since VBS and MSI are launched in the same way. However, owners of networks based on an Active Directory domain will: an MSI package can be installed, updated or removed in a fully automatic way. We have created a detailed installation instruction explaining the installation process.


One more new instruction covers email reports settings. We have described the complete configuration procedure, since we’ve been getting a lot of requests from users who had problems with this.
As for licensing for both programs, the policy remained unchanged. Everyone who purchased our programs over the past 365 days (calendar year) will get the new version 8 upgrade free of charge (the program will update as usual). Users who purchased the programs over a year ago are entitled to a 50% discount on version 8 or will be able to continue using the program without upgrading it.


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