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Personal Monitor 8.4 Update

14 May 2015, by — admin ()

We are happy to announce that we have finally launched an update of our Refog Personal Monitor software, which, once again, has a function of user social networks activity interception.


Based on the requests to our technical support, this function has been anticipated and demanded by the majority of users.

The update is free for all the owners of the 8.0 software license and for the owners of the 7.0 software license, which was purchased not more than 365 days ago.

If you have disabled an automatic software update, you can now download the latest version from the website and install it on your computer. If an automatic update is enabled, the software will soon get updated automatically.

Some time ago, an interception of the user social networks activity has already been among the functions (in the 7.0 version of the software). However, social networks kept changing and we had to constantly change the algorithm. At one point we couldn’t keep up. That’s why the 8.0 software has been created without this function.

Afterwards, we were able to completely change the approach to the interception. We managed to make it more stable and now it doesn’t require constant changes and daily control of the efficiency.

Social networks and the user activity in them have also changed in recent years – now it’s not just a replacement of the outdated Internet-chats, messengers and mail services. It includes interest groups, systems of personal messages, recordings, comments, applications and many other features including group videoconferences. It has become evident that an ordinary interception of incoming and outgoing messages is completely outdated and doesn’t show a full picture anymore.

That’s why now our software operates absolutely differently. If social networks monitoring is enabled in the software and the user has entered the social network, then the software, based on the user activity, creates something similar to the film in slow motion or a speeded up slideshow.

You can watch the recorded material in the report – frame by frame or as a video.

The recording quality has been reduced in order to preserve the speed of the computer operation. Also, we use the reports that are smaller in size, but legibility of all the texts is sufficient (refer to the screenshots below).

To start viewing of the report in the software menu you have to select the «Social networks» report and double-click the desired recording.


On the image above you can see the control buttons using which you are able to watch the user activity in manual and automated modes.

You can manage the viewing using the cursor on the temporary line just below the buttons or using a mouse wheel.

At the moment, the software saves the reports on Facebook. In the upcoming updates we plan on adding the support of several new social networks and services.

You can leave your suggestions in the comment section.

Moreover, we have included the following improvements in the latest release of the software:

  • Once again, we have improved sending of the reports to the e-mail address. Now the maximum size of the report is not 20 megabytes as it has been before, but it can be as large as it is possible to receive by your mail service.
  • We have added the support of the latest Skype version with the interception of text messages and calls.
  • Also, we have fixed the software operation on Windows XP (yes, some people still use this OS).

You can download the latest version of the software from Personal Monitor.

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