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About Webcam Snapshot Function

19 May 2015, by — admin ()

In our eighth product line we have added a periodic snapshot creation function. Snapshots are created using a connected webcam, and according to the reviews, our users find it quite helpful.


There are three major questions in relation to this function, and below we will try to address them.

  1. How do you disable webcam activity indicator?
  2. How do you increase snapshot creation frequency?
  3. How to take a video instead of a snapshot?

Webcam activity indicator

Sometimes users encounter situations when while creating a snapshot the webcam activity indicator, i.e. a L.E.D. placed either in the camera’s case or nearby the lens on the laptop, switches on. Obviously, the program is being compromised this way.

In some instances the indicator can be switched off. To do this, you have to launch the program and open “Settings” – “Monitoring” – “Webcam Snapshots”.

Choose your camera in the “Device” field and press the “…” button nearby. Webcam driver settings drivers will open. Every camera model has its own settings, therefore you have to study these settings and find how to disable indication. If you find such option, you may consider yourself a lucky person.

Now you can disable this function. If your search doesn’t bring any results, it means the device’s manufacturer hasn’t envisaged such an option. All you can do now is to physically disable the indicator.

Alternatively, you can disable this type of monitoring in the program settings.

Webcam snapshot creation frequency

Maximum frequency (minimum period) of a webcam snapshot creation is taking a shot every 15 seconds. This is not our program limitation, but a hardware constraint of the webcams.

It takes approximately 15 seconds to initiate the camera and receive the signal saying it has switched on, focused and is ready to take a snapshot.

Therefore, if you try to take snapshots more often, some of them will be lost, others will be unfocused.

Creating a video from a webcam

This function is not included in our program and it will not be included in the nearest future. You can find programs with such functions on the Internet; some of them might even be free.

We decided not to add this functionality because permanent use of the webcam by the program will deny other programs and compromise our product. Besides, creating, transferring and storing video requires substantial computing resources and space on the hard drive.



Using a video creation function can be helpful for both personal and corporate products since it allows univocal identification of the computer’s user.

Besides, there are many instances when using the webcam snapshots helped people find their stolen laptops.

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