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Child Safety on the Internet

6 October 2010

According to the recent statistical researches 75% of Internet users under the age of 14 go online without supervision of their parents, and 50% are faced with various dangers on the Internet.

The Internet is a great tool for child enlightenment but for obvious reasons it’s usage requires a mandatory supervision by the parents.

Most often children are facing the following dangers on the Internet:

  • Viruses (and other types of malware).
  • Visiting inappropriate sites (pornography, gambling, violence, etc.).
  • Contacts with the fraudsters, extortioners or pedophiles (in forums, chat rooms or social networks, IM, e-mail).
  • Disclosure of personal information (home address, time and place of walking, working hours of parents).

What can be done to reduce the possibility of such problems?

Create for a child a separate account (the user) in your operating system. This will simplify your further control and setting the limits. Do not forget to set a secure password for other computer accounts.

Explore software solutions for parental control.

  • If you are using Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7 make sure to explore the possibilities of built-in Parental Control software.
  • If you are using Kaspersky Internet Security antivirus, then use its «Parental Control» module.
  • You can also use our Refog Time Sheriff program specially designed for this purpose.

You can find detailed instructions for setting up these programs in their reference materials or on the Internet.
And finally, the most important: since the very first day spent by your child on the Internet try to be near him/her and explain how to use this tool properly.

Be sure to explain the following:

  • Under no circumstances a child should disclose anyone on the Internet its personal data (home address, school and class, time of walking and working hours of parents, etc.)
  • On the Internet a child should follow the same rules and standards of morality as in real life.
  • On the Internet people can easily impersonate other people, so it’s strongly forbidden to meet with someone from the Internet.
  • Not everything that is written on the Internet is true. It’s necessary to learn how to carefully verify all information found.

Remember, education and safety of your children are closely linked and are in your hands. Observe, guide, teach, defend — and you will not doubt the safety of your children.


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