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Keyloggers and the Law: Learn from the Mistake of Others

14 May 2015

Yet another story of a criminal case against someone using keyloggers has caused quite a storm; thus, we would like to discuss whether this program is actually legal or not.


Also, we want to inform you about a new very important update to our program’s interface that is supposed to help our users avoid innocent infringement.


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Enterprise Product Update: New Graphic Reports

31 March 2015

We’re glad to announce out corporate line of products has got a long-awaited update with brand new features.
Refog Employee Monitor and its terminal system equivalent Refog Terminal Monitor both have been updated to version This update is completely free for customers with a license for version 8.

The most important new feature of the product is a summary report for user activity. Now you can get a handy overview of user activity for a time period. For example, find out the most frequently visited websites or what applications where used the most:


Each type of logs recorded by the product now has a graphic form. A table representation is still available.

On top of that there’s a general overview of user activity with day-by-day or hour-by-hour breakdown:


These new graphic reports are easier to review and analyze compared to traditional table representation.
New versions of the product are available for download immediately.

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Employee Monitor: advanced settings

24 April 2012

errorFrom time to time, we get contacted by people complaining that they cannot connect to a remote computer using Mipko Employee Monitor. Unfortunately, such situations do happen because of the differences in network architectures, computer settings, user permissions and other parameters. We have compiled a list of recommendations that will most probably help you solve your problem and successfully establish a connection. Here they are.


Make sure that the script is installed and launched on monitored computers (just in case you missed something). The following instruction explains how it can be created and installed.
The work of the script can be tested in the following way:
If the script was installed, you will find a folder called C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\MPK (in Windows XP) or C:\ProgrammData\MPK (in Windows 7) containing logs and the executable file of the program. If the program is running, it won’t be possible to delete or move the executable file (with the *.exe extension).


Try adding the target computer using its IP address instead of its network name.
Try navigating from the observer’s computer to C$, the hidden shared folder of the client system being monitored and make sure it is accessible under the current user without errors or issues of any sort. If it’s not, try looking for a possible reason and fixing it.
My Computer > address bar > \\IP address or name of the client computer\C$ > Enter
If it didn’t help and didn’t solve the problem, carry on with the instruction.


Make sure that the DWORD RestrictAnonymous key is set to zero in the HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa registry node on all monitored computers. This is a recommendation from Microsoft.
In Windows 7, disable the “Password protected sharing” option:
Control Panel > Network and Internet > View network status and tasks > Change advanced sharing settings > Home or Work (current profile) > Password protected sharing > Turn off password protected sharing.

Make sure that all computers are in the same workgroup or domain. This is important – if they are not, it may cause problems.
If you have completed the steps described above, restarted the computer and the problem still persists, please contact our technical support service, we’ll do our best to assist you.

Update to version

13 February 2012

In this program update there are not that many innovations, but it’s worth writing about it as well. It is made almost completely on the basis of joint work by programmers, the technical support department, and actual users of our programs.

In all the programs, we added the feature of capturing user’s messages in the VKontakte ( social network. Many users have asked me for this for a long time now.

The Ukrainian language was added to the programs’ interface. The translation was done by one of our users, so thank you very much to him.

The Ukrainian language

We are continuing to work on improving the encrypting system for logs in Employee Monitor and Terminal Monitor. In extremely rare cases, it works incorrectly and greatly slows down the work of the program.

Thanks to reports like this from our users, we were able to solve the problem. In the next versions of the programs, we will be able to get rid of it completely.


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Updates and improvements, version

8 August 2011

We did not announce any changes we made in our programs for a long time while we were releasing new versions. Therefore, today we decided to hold a slight review and recall everything.

One of the most important updates was the development of a module for protecting financial information. This is a special script that automatically searches for lines in the program’s logs that are similar to credit card numbers, and deletes them from the monitoring journal. Screenshots made at that moment are also deleted.

These protective mechanisms work only in cases when this is possible and do not guarantee protection in absolutely all cases. The script is gradually being improved to minimize false alarms and errors. It cannot be turned off since its very existence carries out legislative norms.

For the programs Employee Monitor and Terminal Monitor, due to many requests from the users, a feature was added of configuring log storage in a local or network folder specified by the user.

configuring log storage

A lot of work was done to improve the support of the latest versions of internet browsers (Opera, Firefox).

There was an improvement to message monitoring in Facebook, the social network.

The Turkish and Polish languages were added to the program interface.


New online service from Refog. Track any device online. Just install the tracker free. And Information from your phones and computers will reflect in your online Hoverwatch account.

Update to version

21 December 2010

We’ve released an update for Refog Employee Monitor and Terminal Monitor

The update fixes minor bugs in the code of version 6.3.0 programs that occasionally occurred when opening monitoring logs. The program registration system has also been improved.

The main change, however, is a brand-new feature added after multiple requests we’ve received from users. The «Program Activity» table now has a button that generates a new program usage report for the selected user.

Employee Monitor

This report lists all the programs the user has worked in during the selected time period and the time spent in each of them. If you sort the table by the «Time used» column, for instance, you can instantly determine what programs were used most of all during the workday.

The collected data can be filtered in a number of ways and exported to a report in any of the supported formats (HTML, JPG, TXT, TIFF, Excel, PDF) by clicking the «Report» button.

As usual, the new versions are already available for download on our site. You can also update to them using the integrated program updater.

Microsoft: a history of corporate monitoring

2 December 2010

Company managers and program designers have understood for a quite long time that monitoring staff activities can seriously, and without major expense, increase their productivity and responsibility.

This has also been strengthened by the fact that the main activities of office workers are almost totally connected to computers and the internet and that together with new capabilities there have also appeared a large number of temptations (social networks, various messaging services, on-line games) and dangers (viruses, hacks and fraud).

Already by 2007 the program Employee Monitor, which we developed, made it possible to evaluate the efficiency of staff monitoring and to save and analyse logs of their work on the computer.

Large companies took (and continue to take) great interest in corporate monitoring systems. For example, one of the 7000 patents, obtained by Microsoft in 2008, described a staff biometric monitoring system.

The patented system approached the problem of monitoring from quite a different angle, however it was less ethical and legally unambiguous. Its description mentioned a set of wireless sensors controlling heart beats, temperature, pressure, brain activity rhythm and even staff facial expressions.

Using analysis of the collected data, the system should automatically detect stressful situations, psychological distress, negative emotions and even incompetence. This patent caused quite a stir in the media and trade unions, but the public did not hear any comments from Microsoft or see a model of the patented device. Today, such biometric systems are still only used in the aviation and space industries and in fire fighting.


1 November 2010

We’ve released a regular update for Refog Personal Monitor and Refog Employee Monitor —

The latest version accommodates to the latest changes in Facebook chat. Previous versions are no longer supported due to recent changes in the social network.

Also there are minor user interface fixes and an updated web browser tracking module that supports the latest version of Google Chrome.

If you have automatic updates disabled you can download the update manually from our web site.

Update to version

3 September 2010

A regular update version is available for Refog Personal Monitor and Employee Monitor.

The main change is added support for Google Chrome. As well as minor error fixed and user interface tweaks.

If you have automatic product updates disabled you can download the update right from our web site.

Refog Terminal Monitor Release

1 September 2010

Refog Terminal MonitorWe’re finishing up development of a new edition of Refog Employee Monitor designed specifically for terminal servers — Refog Terminal Monitor. Development had started in March 2010 and now we’re finally ready to unveil Terminal Monitor

Core features include:

  • full support of Windows and Citrix terminal servers;
  • storing all logs in a single encrypted storage;
  • strong 256-bit AES and SHA (HMAC) algorithms are used to protect your data;
  • ability to set log storage location;
  • access restrictions for particular user groups (e.g. allow log access only for network security administrators);
  • new log kinds and report formats including PDF, HTML and JPEG.

We’ve included all the features we had aimed for back in March. The software has passed thorough testing and is already available for purchase.