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Free spyware: options

9 July 2013

Spyware can be used in various ways and for various purposes that are sometimes entirely opposite to each other.

For example, you can download a free trial version of the Personal Monitor, install it on your computer, and always know exactly what your kids have been doing while you were away. That way, you can ensure their safety. You can only install this software on your own computer.

However, judging by the news, spyware is often used for much more ignoble purposes.

Employees of the antivirus company Kaspersky Lab have confirmed a recent attack by the Lurk spyware on a number of popular information websites in the Russian segment of the Internet. The virus that was distributed that way, re-directed website users to a phishing site for the purpose of identity theft.

Websites of Vesti,, Vzglyad, and InterFax were all affected. The agencies’ employees have already cleared the websites from malicious code; however repeated infections of the resources have already been documented.

In order to cover up the presence of spyware on the websites, the intruders only added it at lunchtime (and for no longer than an hour and a half), and then deleted it. During that time the employees of the publications and antivirus companies could not detect the infection.

The Lurk virus is already known to the experts – it attacked the AdFox advertising system in March 2012 and a number of federal websites at the end of last year.

The purpose of these attacks is simple – profit. The infected computers become a part of the botnet and can be used in any way that its owner sees fit – from attacking other resources to stealing keys to client-banks and removing funds.

Apple AirPlay encryption algorithm: peaceful hacking

11 May 2011

The encryption algorithm used in Apple AirPlay was successfully hacked by American security experts. The AirPlay technology is used for broadcasting multimedia content to Apple’s mobile devices.

To date, the encryption key of this algorithm has been used for peaceful purposes only: it was used to enable broadcasting to non-Apple devices, including those based on Windows. The experts used an Apple AirPort Express Wi-Fi station to hack the algorithm.

Thanks to this hack already dubbed ShairPort, users can now stream music from their iTunes libraries to other Wi-Fi enabled computers and devices.