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Hardware Keylogger – Wifi USB

10 June 2010

In addition to full-featured monitoring programs we decided to offer you an interesting and useful product — hardware keyloggers. Its installation is faster and configuration is easier.

We will show you the possibilities of such devices on the example of two of them: Hardware Keylogger Basic Edition with 4 Mb of memory for connection to PS / 2 and USB. They look like this:

Hardware Keylogger Basic Edition, PS/2 Hardware Keylogger Basic Edition, USB

The essence of the devices is extremely simple: they are installed between the keyboard and the computer and retain in its memory all the keys pressed on the keyboard. These keyloggers have a built-in flash drive of 4 Mb (this is quite a lot for a purely text information — more than 2000 pages), but there are also models with multiple gigabytes of memory.

They can’t be detected by a computer or anti-virus software, do not require drivers and work on any operating system. But let’s take everything in turn…

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