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Russian intelligence agencies acquire Skype intercept

9 July 2013

After the Microsoft company acquired the Skype company in 2011, the client communication program received an interesting modification. Microsoft specialists gave themselves the ability to transfer any user to a special mode, in which the transmission data encryption keys are generated on the company server instead of on the client device.

This makes it possible for intelligence agencies to eavesdrop on users’ conversations, to read their Skype chat transcripts, and even to determine their locations.

Microsoft does not hide the fact that these capabiities are available to the world’s intelligence agencies, including Russia’s. More importantly, Russian intelligence agencies do not always obtain their access with the permission of the courts, but sometimes “by routine request”.

It recently became known that in the Chinese version of Skype there actually is a separate mechanism for tracking the activities of a subscriber. Built into their localized distribution package is a call logger that records everything entered from the keyboard. This module searches text for “objectionable” words and forwards what is detected to local intelligence agencies.

Official representatives of the MVD and FSB traditionally refrain from commenting.

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