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Personal problems of McAfee’s founder impacted the company’s reputation

15 January 2013

The reputation of the anti-virus software developer has been seriously tarnished by the recent scandal involving its founder, John MacAfee. He is accused of murdering a Belize citizen.

McAfee Associates was founded by John back in 1987, but he left the company in 1994 (after it became one of the leading companies on the market). In early 2011, Intel purchased it for $7 billion.

A BrandIndex expert studied the rating of the McAfee anti-virus software brand and made an unusual conclusion: despite the fact that John hasn’t been with the company for over 20 years, his association with the brand is still so strong that his personal problems resulted in a -17 downslide of the company’s rating (on a -100 to 100 scale). This is the lowest rating of the McAfee brand since over 5 years ago when this monitoring was started.

McAfee’s brand rating plummeted after mass media announced that the Belize government had doubts as to the mental health of the company’s founder.