Personal Monitor
Record PC users's actions, grab screenshots and passwords
Keystrokes recording software. Keylogger free trial
Cell phone and computer spy
Employee Monitor
Access and control the time spent by your workers
Terminal Monitor
Track employee activities on Terminal Server
Free Keylogger
Free keyboard logger keeps track of all typed text

Upgrade to version

11 May 2010

Today come regular software updates of Refog Personal Monitor and Employee Monitor to version

You can download a new version of software from our web site or wait until the program automatically updates if you have this option enabled.

The main changes in the new version:

1. Optimization of software installation.

A lot of internal changes in the installer programs, made to accelerate and simplify their installation.

2. Reworked localization.

Fixed bugs and inaccuracies in translation of the programs into other languages.

3. Changed duration of the trial period.

Now the period of free trial use of the programs is 3 days for Personal Monitor and 30 days for Employee Monitor.


New online service from Refog. Track any device online. Just install the track cell phone. And Information from your phones and computers will reflect in your online Hoverwatch account.

Refog Personal Monitor: engineering history.

8 April 2010

Development of Refog software is a continuous process: any detected errors in older versions are eliminated; releases of new products and updates of the old ones are prepared.

In this blog we’ll inform you about all the new products and added features and explain their purpose. Earlier the information about new features in the program was presented as a line of a text, but now it will be a detailed description with screenshots and videos.

Meanwhile you can see the development history of Refog Personal Monitor program from 2007 to the present date.

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