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German companies have blocked Facebook access

10 November 2010

FacebookLargest German enterprises have recently blocked their employees from accessing popular social networks at work. This includes Facebook, Twitter, as well as Youtube among the others.

Mentioned companies include car manufacturers like Porshe, Volkswagen and Daimler, banks like Commerzbank, Heidelbergcement — a construction material factory, an energy concern E.on and chemical products producer — Linde.

Company executives are confident that employees using social networks at work pose a security risk. Such employees could potentially leak confident data or expose company computers and networks to viruses.

According to researches, 56% of German companies consider using social networks at work insecure. Another 30% of companies does not see a direct security threat but regard social networks as a general distraction factor, which degrade performance.

Over 2 million American computers fell victim of botnets in 6 months

25 October 2010

Microsoft corporation has published research results which reveal that in the first half of this year over 2 million US computers inadvertently had become a part of botnets. The latter are distributed hacker networks intended for DDoS attacks, password stealing, SPAM and malware distribution.

Number of infected computers was based on data from 88 countries. USA takes the first place with a total of 2.2 millions infected home computers. Second place goes to Brazil with 550 thousands. Russia has 4.3 out of each 1000 computers infected, which is slightly higher than global average value — 3.2 out of each 1000.

A single malware named Win32/Rimecud is responsible for 37% of infected computers in Russia.

The research resulted in over 6.5 millions home computers got rid of malware. Also one of the biggest spam botnets called Waledac got shut down.


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