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Surveillance Software for Mac OS X

Refog Releases REFOG Keylogger for Mac OS X 10.1

August , 2009 For Immediate Release

New Keylogger for Mac Software Provides Stealth Surveillance for Worried Parent

Summary: Parents concerned about the computer activities taking place in their home can now find out the truth using a new keylogger for Mac program that records valuable usage information without the user knowing the program is on the system.

August 3, 2009 – Despite the benefits of the Internet and of computers, they have also brought more danger and problems into the average home. Children who know not to speak to strangers on the street tell strangers online their entire life story, including sometimes sending provocative photos of themselves. While physically monitoring the computer activities of a family can be difficult and time-consuming, a new keylogger for Mac can do just that without them even knowing.

Refog Keylogger for Mac is computer activity surveillance software designed for home use. The program records keystrokes, saves computer screenshots, and maintains a list of applications used, as well as web sites visited by users. These reports provide a clear picture of what different family members have been up to on the computer.

Another benefit is the program runs all the time on the computer but does so in stealth so it will be undetected by the users. If a child does discover the presence of the software, the Master Password protection feature prevents them from uninstalling the program, erasing the recorded files, or modifying the settings. The program is also easy to use and requires no maintenance.

About Refog Formed in 2003, Refog is best known for developing security software solutions for the home and office. A PC version of this keylogger program is also available from the company, as well as Employee Monitor, a similar program employers can use to ensure their staff is working and not wasting company time.