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Refog announces REFOG Employee Monitor 4.53

March 1, 2008 Press Release

Refog announces the release of Refog Employee Monitor, an updated version of REFOG Employee Monitor with an added ability to intercept instant messages sent and received with popular instant messaging (IM) applications. REFOG Employee Monitor supports many popular instant messengers, including Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, AIM.

Do you know what happens on your corporate network when you are not watching? A loose corporate security policy may allow employees running an instant messenger. The management supposes that the employees are using IM to improve communication during the work. But are they really?

Regardless of the policies, employees use instant messengers to chat with friends and relatives, spending hours of time during the work in fruitless business. You could of course shut down all messenger traffic across the corporate network, but will it really improve productivity of harm it because of the slower communications?

No need to shut down instant messengers! Intercept, monitor and log instant messaging traffic and let your employees know about it. No need to browse through the long text logs! REFOG Employee Monitor recognizes popular messengers, and creates formatted reports that are easy to read and to filter.

Don’t want to look at the log files at all? Set a capture phrase to trigger an alert! Once they type a word or phrase from a pre-defined list, Refog Employee Monitor will send an immediate alert to your email, allowing you to take measures on the spot instead of waiting till the end of the day.

REFOG Employee Monitor can be used at home as well as at work. Get an idea about what your kids are chatting about, and who they talk to over the network. REFOG Employee Monitor intercepts sent and received instant messages and logs them for later review.

Sometimes, it’s important to act immediately. Refog Employee Monitor will alert you by email if they type or receive any of the pre-defined trigger words or phrases, allowing you to take care of molesters right away.

REFOG Employee Monitor runs silently and completely invisible to the regular computer user. You can always activate the program by pressing a secret combination of keys and entering the right password. REFOG Employee Monitor removes its window from the list of active windows, and does not let its process appear in the Task Manager, taking special measures against tampering and unauthorized removal.

Increase employee productivity, stop fruitless chats and safeguard your family with REFOG Employee Monitor. Download a free evaluation copy from https://www.refog.com/

An evaluation version is available free of charge at https://www.refog.com/