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New PC Monitoring Solution With Advanced Keyword Notification

Refog Releases REFOG Personal Monitor 3.89

August , 2005
For Immediate Release

REFOG Personal Monitor is a new PC monitoring solution that works by logging every single keystroke, taking screenshots and recording clipboard contents. The software can be used for monitoring a single home PC or tracking hundreds of employees simultaneously.

REFOG Personal Monitor comes with one very important feature that no other keylogger is currently capable of – advanced keyword detection and notification. The concept is borrowed from the Refog that was the first organization of its kind to use computers to get immediately notified and start recording phone conversations when one of the trigger words (like “bomb” or “gun”) was pronounced.

Another important advantage of the program is that records everything, including special language-specific characters such as umlauts. Even when a text segment is being copied rather than typed, REFOG Personal Monitor will record it. In addition to that, REFOG Personal Monitor records windows captions and times when different programs were launched.

It’s also worthy to mention that REFOG Personal Monitor is completely invisible and can not be detected and disabled by looking at the processes list. The log files can be either e-mailed or uploaded to a remote FTP server; importantly, all log files are password-protected.

REFOG Personal Monitor is distributed electronically over the Internet; free fully featured demo version is available at https://www.refog.com/ for evaluation.

The price of a single copy is 69.95 US Dollars.

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