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Refog Issues Major Updates for Acclaimed Activity Monitoring Tools

February 18, 2014
For Immediate Release

Refog announces the release of Refog Employee Monitor 8 and Refog Personal Monitor 8. These user activity monitoring tools now automatically take shots via a webcam, record Skype calls and feature a simple MSI-based installation of the programs.

Keeping an eye on user activity is a very efficient way of parental and employee control. Periodical screenshots sent to supervisors’ e-mail, logging of keyboard activity, application monitoring and file tracking are the instruments to increase productivity of office workers, and recently updated Refog Employee Monitor got them all. So does its sister program Refog Personal Monitor designed for easy home surveillance and parental control.

In the latest release, Refog Employee Monitor and Refog Personal Monitor can now take shots via a connected or built-in web camera. Needles to say, this is a very efficient option to see if an employee (or a kid) is there or not. Another significant novelty of the new version is Skype calls recording. A supervisor simply selects a user of the network whose Skype talks he wants to track, and the program will automatically save all incoming and outgoing calls in the OGG format.

Refog Employee Monitor and Refog Personal Monitor are already acclaimed by users in 196 countries. Easy tracking of visited websites, screenshot history, keystroke recording as well as comprehensive e-mail reports along with pre-configured major preferences provide quick deployment and accurate monitoring.

Both tools can be easily installed across the network thanks to the automatic MSI installer.

Pricing and availability

Refog Employee Monitor is available for Windows, while Refog Personal Monitor works on Windows and Mac OS X. Prices start from €69.95 for a single license for Refog Personal Monitor and from €199.95 for 3 licenses for Refog Employee Monitor.


Refog was founded in 2002 and focuses on developing employee monitor, parental control and software surveillance solutions. With its flagship product, Refog Employee Monitor, the company earned acknowledgment and is well-known among millions of users all over the world.


  • Website: https://www.refog.com/
  • Refog Personal Monitor: https://www.refog.com/personal-monitor.html
  • Refog Employee Monitor https://www.refog.com/employee-computer-monitoring-software.html
  • Press Center: https://www.refog.com/press/