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I have two teenagers spending most of their time before their computers. I had no clue what they were doing there! Thanks to your child monitor, I feel I am back in control now without them even knowing.

J. Johnson, USA

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The Drawbacks of Software Keyloggers

Software Keyloggers

Software keylogging tools provide you with the ability to record and monitor all activity on a computer. This may include recording all key strokes, mouse clicks, conversations, websites visited, instant messages, voice calls and the ability to take screen shots at set intervals. They are also able to run without detection by users – operating in the background and sending off activity reports in real-time to a server, to an email address or by uploading to a website for later access by the manager or person who deploys the software keylogger.

The big problem with software keylogger tools is that many are simply a front for the unwary to download, and instead of downloading a useful tool to protect family or your business, instead they introduce malicious or unwanted malware onto your computer. Instead of protecting your family and business, you allow hackers and malicious coders to enter your system directly – and you opened the door!

Software Keylogger Tools – the Pros and Cons

We can divide software keylogger programs into two categories:

  • Genuine software keylogger tools – these provide powerful monitoring capability to ensure your computers are used for the purpose for which they are intended;
  • Malicious downloads – this is where the lure of a software keylogging tool is offered in the hope you will download it, however what you get is malicious code or unwanted junkware which affects PC performance or even allows a hacker to gain access to private information or control over the PC itself.

No matter whether you download a software keylogger or buy a program which is deployed using a disk or USB device, you must be aware of the serious potential to introduce unwanted code and malicious programs onto your PC or network.

Be careful that the software keylogger you have selected to test or deploy will actually do what you think it will do BEFORE you introduce it to your PCs.

There is a very real danger from malicious software keylogging programs which do monitor the PC, but instead of reporting just to you, they relay the information to a third-party, such as an identity thief or hacker. Remember, software keyloggers will record every key stroke which includes passwords used to gain access to banking and financial information, email systems, intranets, confidential databases or the rest of the network.

Software Keylogger Pros

A genuine software keylogger will provide you with the ability to monitor all usage on a PC, 24/7 x 365. You will be able to see just what your children or employees are doing – which websites they visit, who they are emailing and instant messaging, as well as record voice calls and capture shots of the computer screen itself.

This is invaluable if you are trying to protect children from sites or stop staff from violating company computer and Internet policies, such as visiting or downloading porn.

A high quality software keylogger will also be simple to deploy, run anonymously and without detection in the background and provide you with simple-to-use reporting and management utilities.

You can also use a software keylogger for double duty and use it as a secondary backup of computer information as well as provide an audit trail for compliance purposes.

Software Keylogger Cons

There are three broad areas where a software keylogger brings disadvantages. The first issue is legality – not all jurisdictions allow for the use of software keyloggers whether in the home or the workplace. It is vital that you ensure that using a software keylogger is legal in your jurisdiction, and in the event of use in a business, you really must consult with an attorney or HR professional.

A second disadvantage relates to the impact upon computer or network performance. Anything other than a high quality software keylogger will have an impact on computer performances and the experience of the user. As a software keylogger is recording every action on the computer, this will slow down the speed at which the keystrokes or mouse clicks can be executed. Many software keyloggers will not be able to maintain the processing speed required for a good user experience which means the user cannot see that a software keylogger is being used in the first instance. There is also the issue of computer crashes and unexpected PC operations which can affect productivity or interfere with normal operation.

Finally, there is the risk of introducing unwanted or malicious code by using a software keylogger which is nothing more than a Trojan Horse – you think you are getting protection, but in reality you are getting hacked.

No matter what you use, if you suspect your software keylogger is up to no good, you must understand how to remove it and any unwanted consequences. This may mean turning to a professional, but for the most part having a good, up-to-date anti-virus and anti-malware program will protect you from most dangers.