Wi-Fi Premium

Monitor employee activities with the world’s tiniest wireless keylogger! The KeyGrabber Wi-Fi Premium captures everything typed by your employees, transmitting the logs via e-mail or TCP/IP. PS/2 and USB versions with 2GB on-board memory are available.

Time-proof hardware keylogger
Nano USB

Monitor kids and employees with the world’s tiniest hardware keylogger! Sitting between your PC and the keyboard, KeyGrabber captures every keystroke typed on the keyboard. The device is unobtrusive, invisible and completely undetectable by any software.

VideoGhost DVI / HDMI / VGA

REFOG VideoGhost is a compact USB device designed to make periodic captures of your PC screen. Sitting between your computer and its display, the dongle requires no drivers and no software, and is completely invisible to any security scanner.


Personal Monitor

Record PC users's actions, grab screenshots and keystrokes

Employee Monitor

Protect your company's assets with employee monitoring

Mobile Spy

Unique spy for mobile phones

REFOG Keylogger

Look after your family members