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Access and control the time spent by your workers
Track employee activities on Terminal Server
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Keyloggers software

Monitoring software is special computer software that collects information the user enters using the keyboard. They are also called keyboard spy or keyloggers.

Usually, keyloggers works on the computer stealthily without revealing its presence and even carefully hiding it: you will find it neither on the hard drive, nor in the list of running processes.

Modern version of keyloggers are not limited to intercepting keystrokes, they can save and send to a predefined address at a predefined intervals:

  • information about open windows
  • used programs
  • visited websites and filled forms
  • message exchange via ICQ, e-mail and social networks
  • clipboard contents
  • screenshots

You can protect yourself against keyloggers by following some simple security rules. First of all, you should make sure that you have a regularly updated antivirus program (a spyware module is advisable) installed on your computer. And of course do not let people who can install a keylogger work with your computer.

It is unethical, unsafe and in most countries illegal to use keyloggers for your own purpose of spying on another person secretly so it is not recommended to use it this way.

But you can use keyloggers quite alright for legal and ethical purposes. For example, if you install and set up a keyboard spy on your own computer, you can ensure the security of your children when they work and communicate over the Internet. In offices, spyware programs can be useful for analyzing the efficiency of employees with their obligatory notification about it.

If you want to try using a keyboard spy this way, you can just download REFOG Personal Monitor (for home use) or REFOG Employee Monitor (for offices) and use it for free during the trial period. These programs offer all the abovementioned features and have a very simple interface.

REFOG Keyloggers - Compare list

Keylogger box Personal Monitor box Employee Monitor box
Links Windows logoDownload Windows logoDownload Windows logoDownload
Keylogger Personal Monitor Employee Monitor
Audience Home Home and SMB SMB and middle businesses
Keystrokes logging yes yes yes
URL monitoring yes yes yes
Apps monitoring yes yes yes
Screenshots capture yes yes yes
Invisible mode yes yes yes
IM & Facebook® chats interception no yes yes
E-mail & FTP delivery no yes yes
File tracking no yes yes
Alarm keywords no yes yes
Realtime network logs no no yes