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Refog Time Sheriff

Time Sheriff

Time Sheriff has become irreplaceable since my kids are old enough to play computer games yet not responsible enough to stop on time. It keeps their activities focused on homework, yet they can still play for a while – but not too long!

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Freeware version

For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1

Parental Time Control

Time Sheriff is a perfect parental control software. Helping parents control how much time their kids spend in front of the computer, Time Sheriff is easy to set up and impossible to circumvent. Control who and for how long can use your PC, what applications they can run and how much time they can use each program. Put different conditions and set up separate limitations for your smaller kids and grown-ups.

Work Attendance Control

Time Sheriff can be used as timesheet software in organizations. Control employee attendance with comprehensive logs, monitor which applications they run and how much time they spend in each program.

Parental Control Software

Passive Monitoring and Active Control

Passive Monitoring and Active Control

Time Sheriff can log who, when, and for how long used your PC, what applications they run, and how much time they spent using various programs. All actions will be saved into a log file. Based on your rules and restrictions, Time Sheriff will intervene when their log-in time is up, or when they used up the time limit on a particular application.

Logging and Reporting

Storing all user activities into a log file, Time Sheriff provides easy to read reports on who, when, and for how long have used your PC, what application they launched and how much time they spent using them.

Logging and Reporting

Access Control

Time Sheriff can be set up to intervene when their time is up. You control who can access your PC, what applications they can run, and how much time they can stay logged in or using a particular program. Time-based and password-based limitations are available.

Easy to Learn and to Use

Using Time Sheriff could not be made easier. Setting up rules and restrictions is plain and straightforward. When configured, it will run unobtrusively in background till the time is up.

Easy to Learn and to Use

Per-User and Group Policies

Individual and group protection policies are available. Whether you have one or more users on your PC, Time Sheriff can easily control all of them. You can impose restrictions on individual users or groups of users such as Parents and Children, or Employees and Administrators. Simply adding a user to one of these groups will automatically load an appropriate policy and apply rules and restrictions configured for that group.

Impossible to Circumvent

TimeSheriff is quite impossible to circumvent. Using Windows access rights to manage permissions and restrictions, Time Sheriff is as difficult to break as Windows itself. With Windows access rights, there is no need to turn the protection on and off every time the user logs in or logs out. Anyone using your PC will be using it with an appropriate protection scheme applied automatically.

Impossible to Circumvent

Master Password

Time Sheriff is protected with a Master Password at all times. Setting up a Master Password allows you to restrict who can configure Time Sheriff, turn it on or off. It is impossible to change settings or uninstall Time Sheriff without knowing your Master Password.

You can use your Master Password to launch restricted applications or load restricted Web sites even when logged on under controlled accounts.

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