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Refog Time Sheriff

Time Sheriff

Time Sheriff has become irreplaceable since my kids are old enough to play computer games yet not responsible enough to stop on time. It keeps their activities focused on homework, yet they can still play for a while – but not too long!

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Freeware version

For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1

Time Control Made Easy

Time Sheriff helps parents and small business owners control how much time their dependants or employees spend using different applications. It knows exactly how long they’ve been using a PC and how much time each particular application has been running. Time Sheriff can limit how long they can stay logged on, prevent running certain applications and put time limits on each particular application. Being a highly customizable product, Time Sheriff supports different privileges and limitations for different users and groups of users, making it possible to restrict your smaller kids to just an hour of gameplay while allowing teenage children spend more time on a PC doing homework or browsing the Internet.

Easy to Use

Time Sheriff is ideal for busy parents or small business owners, allowing a simple and straightforward configuration and operation. Simply download your copy of Time Sheriff, double-click to install, and set your restrictions for various users of your PC. After that, Time Sheriff runs silently and unobtrusively till it needs to intervene when their time is up.

Individual and Group Limits

You can choose different restrictions for individual users or groups of users, allowing you to use Time Sheriff effectively for managing family time or small business operations.

Parental Control Software

Monitor and Control

Time Sheriff logs who used what on your PC and for how long. You’ll see when they logged on and logged off, what applications they ran, and how much time they spent in a chat or playing Solitaire.

Restrict Time and Access

Using your PC is a privilege. With Time Sheriff, you can control who, when, and for how long can access your computer or run each particular application. For example, you can easily prevent your kids from playing games or browsing the Internet by restricting the time they can run those applications during the day.

Time Sheriff can restrict access to certain applications, effectively preventing users from launching them without knowing your Master Password. For each user and each particular application, you can choose whether it’s prohibited altogether, restricted with a daily time limit, allowed or password-protected.

Advanced Reporting

Time Sheriff offers advanced reporting capabilities, allowing you to see who used your PC, when they logged on and logged off, and when and for how long they ran applications. Time Sheriff’s reports make it easy to see if your kids were playing or chatting instead of doing their homework, or if your secretary played Solitaire instead of emailing your customers.

Protected with Master Password

Only you and those who know your Master Password can access and configure Time Sheriff. For everyone else it runs silently until their time is up. Without the password, it’s impossible to stop or uninstall Time Sheriff, change its settings or circumvent its protection.

Windows Access Control

To make it further impossible to circumvent, TimeSheriff's protection is based on Windows user accounts, so you can limit the use of your programs to specific Windows users or user groups. No need to enable/disable protection every time. Whoever logs into their Windows account on your PC will have an appropriate protection scheme applied automatically.

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