Customer Reviews

REFOG software was easy to configure, support and use. It runs seemlessly in the background, allowing me to ensure my kids are using the internet safely. Great product(s) REFOG! Love the easy to use interface.

Lou G

It simply works really great. Easy to use with all the features i think i need. I would recommand it to anyone who need's it.

Francois D.

After using your software for a while I would like to let you know it is the best monitoring software I have used to date. The only thing I didn't like about the version I was using was it didn't pick up on Facebook chat logs. I decided to start using monitoring software as something fishey was going on with my partner and she was caught out using the brilliant software you provided. I would like to get Fre Lifetime Upgrades as I have just moved up to Windows 7 from XP and my current version is playing up.

Mark A.

I was surprised by the quality and funcionalidadedo REFOG Keylogger. Use it to realize that not only fulfill what he proposes, is quite intuitive, which makes us and their settings. I'm pretty happy with the product.

Elcimar O.

I have used REFOG for a year, i have founded the most friendly spy software i have used. it gave me peace of mine knowing what my kids doing on the net. it gives a real detail of sites visited and every key strokes as well as detailed conversation,it is a real peace of mine tool i highly recommended. specially to concerned parents

K. Smith

I have been using REFOG Keylogger for over 2 years now and its a brilliant piece of software. It allows you to monitor everything happening on the host computer and you dont have to be behind the computer to see what is hapenning. All keystrokes, screen shots etc are sent to you defined email.
I now know what my kids are doing on their computer and that enables me to correct them once they visit sites that are not appropriate for their age.
Good work to you and your company


I take this opportunity to thank you for this software application. I use the Personal Monitor, and have found it very intuitive. The user-interface, the settings, and the use of this application are very easy to grasp. This though, does not mean the application isn't advanced. It has some very advanced features and capabilities which I love, such as ftp/email the logs. The complete application is very professionally developed. Same with the customer service. The money to buy a registered version of this software is money well spent!


I have used it for a while, to watch over my children, Works fine, i like the screen shot mode very good, and the key logger of course. there is no problem using the software it is very simple in use. wors great. But remember to tell your children you be doing it. Thins thats fear. Easy to install and uninstall.
Great !!!


First of all I want to say thank you for your application, I'll be honest with you, I used the keylogger because I was supposing that a person, that I love with all my heart very close to me was thinking to leave me, for another man. Thank to that software I found my supposing as right suppose, looking what was writing, I was able to know where I did wrong with that person, and then I was able to talk with that person, placing in the right place all the pieces of the puzzle of our life. Now me and that person lives together in perfect harmony and love.

David Giordano

REFOG keylogger is just the right application to keep my employees in check. I can monitor the computers that are not assigned to an individual & lessen the company exposure to gambling sites etc. If I have a suspect emplyee with an assigned computer, I can spot check to insure that internet usage is for business purposes and not FaceBook, Myspace, and other social outlets. Thanks REFOG!!


Can I just congratulate you on your software. I only am trying it on a 3 day free trial but am VERY likely to buy and reccomend. It tracks everything and i've been looking for hours for something as good as this…the best thing is, it hides properly. Really good effort…thank you.

United Kingdom

I would like to thank everyone behind this product for everything they have put into this program to make it what it is today.
REFOG Keylogger does exactly what it says it does, but the result is so much greater.
I came across REFOG Keylogger by accident, downloaded it and configured it. During the time I was testing it I was able to capture her FaceBook password, and to my disbelieve more than what I would ever have liked to capture.
Needless to say I moved out the same day I downloaded REFOG KeyLogger.
It is scarry to see what information gets captured by this small but powerfull program. If you really need to capture information entered via keyboard - STOP searching when you get to REFOG Keylogger - it's worth all your efforts and more.

Tino Fourie

I purchased the software several months ago because I have a teenage son. I have been able to monitor his conversations as well as sites he is visiting online. I have been able to stop him from certain actions that would have been very harmful to him without letting him know how I became aware of the information. This software is priceless !! I could not imagine being without it. It is so easy to use and my son has no idea I have it installed on my computer. I am very thankful I have it.

Laurie Clark

Allowing young children free access to the internet is essential these days where much of their school work is web-based. It is equally important to protect them from the risks lurking on the web. I have tried other keylogger software and non have provided me the capability to monitor my children's activities and provide them a safe and free environment to work in. On the occasion that I have needed technical assisstance, REFOG staff were quickly able to provide a working solution via their web-support.

Rahat Hassan

Last year, I was shopping around for software that could monitor Internet usage. After my research, Keylogger was the most affordable and user friendly Internet monitoring software I found. After I downloaded it, I was impressed at how it could run silently in the backgroud and capture screen prints and keystrokes. This software has been very beneficial in keeping tabs on how my family uses the computer. I would highly recommend keylogger to anyone wanting a simple yet effective way to monitor internet and computer usage at such an affordable price.

Jonathan Hartman

I am very satisfied with the REFOG keylogger. I bought this because it had the best reviews for the best price! I made the right choice because I can't complain, it was easy to use, easy to hide, and I would definatly reccomend this product to anybody. Reason for buying it would be because my lovely boyfriend of 4 years got laid off and was spending far too much time on the computer. This program helped me because I was able to see what he was doing behind my back, and I will continue to use it until I am able to trust him again.

Sarah Renee

I started with the free trail and once I realized how nice Refrog was working, I purchased the full version. I have had to reinstall it a few times as various cleaners removed it. The automatic emailing feature is priceless, as I no longer had to have the monitored computer in my possession. it would be really great if I could adjust setting via a retun email etc path back to that computer too.
Thank you for making your product accessible.

Charles Delfs
Ontario, Canada

I have been using the Personal Monitor software for about a year now and I have been extremely happy with the software. You have made some great improvements since I have used it. The fixes and constant improvements make sure to keep my family safe.

Samantha Garcia

I bought Employee Monitor back in 2007 and I have to say I have been extremely impressed with the performance on the software. I get a little concerned sometimes that if a user complains that their machine is running slow that it is due to the software running in the background but the benefits outweigh the concerns. I found it quite shocking to see how much company was time was being spent on social networking and it has been particularly useful in seeing just how people use the internet. This has led to restrictions on who has access to the internet as individuals who said they used it all the time for work, were either on MSN or Facebook. I think you need to stress to your potential customers that the point of the software is not primarily to spy on colleagues but to improve efficiency which it has certainly done for me.
The software is easy and quick to setup, install and customize, I only wish the email side of things was a little more straight forward to configure but I fear that may be more down to me than the software.


I have been using REFOG Keylogger every since June 2008! I was VERY skeptical about the online purchase as well as the software doing as it claims. Let me just say this, this was the best $39 i have ever spent! It definitely lives up to its name! It has helped me find out alotta things in my relationship (in stealth mode lol) I have told alotta my friends about it amd would encourage anyone who has questions, to spend the money, its well worth it!


Your software provides a reliable retrace “where I have been” feature that no other software component has ever achieved. Outlook logs tasks automatically but does a poor job. Internet Explorer only remembers pages visited on the internet. Whether surfing websites or creating documents, this software is invaluable in reviewing pages you have visited, applications launched and any keys that have been pressed. Remembering what I have done is easier now. I look back at least once a week. Thanks for a great product.


We were saved from what could have been a very bad situation. A day before we were heading to the cottage for a two-week vacation, I checked my 14-year-old son's computer acitivity using Keylogger. To my surprise, I discovered that he was going to give a female friend of his our security code and location of a key to our house to use while we were all away. I was able to circumvent the situation by retrieving the spare key with my son's knowledge, but not the reason why. He was quite flustered that I wasn't leaving the key. I'm sure it was all very innocent in that he was trying to help his friend, who was having a rough time at home by giving her somewhere to go if she wanted to run away. To this day, I think about what we could have been faced with when we came home from our vacation! Our house could have been trashed, things stolen, and who knows what else! I am so thankful we have REFOG Keylogger. It's been worth every penny.


This software is in fact great! It hides perfectly and for my uses allows me excellent control for monitoring the legitimate use of my home PC. There is excellent breakdown between users, as well as full control over the types of information and programs to monitor - this makes review by person/activity/date a snap. I have no negative comments at all. 5 stars.

Jay Miller
Toronto, Canada

REFOG Personal Monitor is the best solution I've found to track my kids computer usage. Basically anything they can do on the computer, REFOG can make note of it. Its sophistication coupled with its ease of configuration make it a home run for its intended usage. And its stealth ability helps keep it from being disabled even by tech savvy teenagers.

Robin Seaver

I found your REFOG Keylogger to be invaluable. I've used it to keep track of my children's online usage…see the sites they visit and such. The only problem I've found is that once I upgraded to Windows Vista, the shortcut keys to bring up the keylogger as well as the run command no longer worked. For this reason, I had to leave an icon on my desktop so that I could access it. This isn't much of a problem, as each family member has a different user account on my computer and the icon is only shown on my account's desktop. I definitely give your product an A++++!

Dona Duckett

My experience of using REFOG Personal Monitor has been wonderful. I implemented it as a method to track and supervise what my teenager daughter was doing in the chat rooms.
I was able to find out what was happening, such as men talking dirty to her, suggesting sex encounter and sending xxx rated picture, not only that but was able to see if she was transmitting pictures of herself.
The screenshot capture every 30 seconds was instrumental in seeing the receiving and transmitting of dirty pictures.
I notified my daughter that I had implemented an alarm report, which included dirty words and that these were reported to my email address.
From the chat report, I was able to see the email of the persons pressuring her and sent them email warning them of legal action. This was the end of that.
I do not worry about anybody finding it because this software works in a hidden mode. It's not visible in the Windows Task Manager and can't be shut down by the user. REFOG Personal Monitor monitors all names of applications running, captions of windows opened, all user's typed keys and captures screenshots. The software also monitors the Windows Clipboard and addresses of web sites viewed in a Web browser.
The web addresses report allowed me to see the sites she was visiting. We had a conversation about these and she was prohibited of vising any site with doubtfull information.

Edgar Miranda

I have been using REFOG for quite some time now. I have found it to be a very useful and powerful utility. From keeping an eye on the kid's internet activity to keeping a log of my own activity for future time/date reference. I have been very pleased with the product and would like to congratulate the developers. I have also found the memory consumption and computer resource usage is minimal.

Simon Johnson Australia

I'm really excited about the program. I started having "issues" with a girlfriend that had moved in. Once she started distancing herself I reseached and run across your program. Well I took a chance and bought it. I t was the best thing that I could have done. It really let me know what was actually going on and allowed me to escape a potentially situation. Thanks for all that you guys/gals are doing and keep up the awesome software programming.


I have installed the REFOG Personal Monitor on three Computers, my own private Computer (because I also use this computer for Business), my Business LapTop and the Computer of my son.
I want to know waht my son is doing in the internet and I want to protect him against the dangers in the www, so its necessary to read the Protocols and get the Informations about the Web-Sites he visits, the Chat (ICQ) and all the other activities.
For my own person it is fundamental to document the working hours for my Company and what I have done on the job because I work at home. Your Programm is very good to get this important Informations, and I save time because it is only necessary running your Program.
All in All your Programm is very good and I m happy I have bought it.


REFOG is a great tool! I've been able to monitor usage of our home computer to the point where I know when people, including my own teenagers, are home when they are supposed to be elsewhere. I also know what sites they are visiting and (without exposing the source) can guide them in the right direction. The current technology makes it difficult to keep up with what types of things your kids are interested in or what they might be planning to do, but REFOG has really helped to keep us in sync with our kids! Thank you very much!

Eddie Ontiveros

Just want to let you know that I think the program is awesome. Let's me keep track of what my kids are doing online and keep them from getting into trouble. While I find that it has some glitches ( mainly not keeping total track of MSN conversations), it is straightforward to use, and was just what I was looking for. Worth every cent!

Lori Rich

REFOG is an excellent application that allows total monitoring. I appreciate the capability of e-mailing logs directly to me. I also like the fact that alarms can be set, so that if a keyword is triggered, a special e-mail will be sent to me, notifying me of suspicious behavior. My husband is a compulsive liar and is currently seeking therapy. I use this program to look for the facts, which helps re-establish trust between him. Currently, the program is voluntarily installed on his computer, and only I know the password. He is quite happy to explain or clarify what he is doing when I see logs and confront him. When I first bought REFOG, I downloaded it onto his computer without his knowledge, actively permitting our Internet Security Suite to trust this program.
On a side note, I also use REFOG on my own laptop. I do not save my web activity, therefore it's a useful tool when trying to remember what site I went to or even what password I had input. The interface is user-friendly and effective. I'm happy with my purchase, especially since I can use it on up to three computers. Had I not already bought this program, I would instead purchase the Employee Monitor, which allows me to instantly see what my husband is doing.


REFOG has been a lifesaver for me, because I have 2 teenagers in the house, and I feel more secure knowing I can check on who they are talking to on the web, what websites they visit when I'm gone, and which friends they have added to their social sites. I will continue using REFOG because I feel safe and secure with it!


I bought the program as an impulse buy. Expectations on these purchases is very low… a bit of fun for a few days and then invariably such programs fade into disuse as I gets on with my day to day professional life. Installation was easy and the program seemed to work. I installed it on the reception computer and noticed an improvement in her work almost instantaneously. I tested the steath mode with a casual employee and discovered shortfalls that could never have seen the light of day. This program has continued to be used.

Dr Smith
New Zealand

I can highly recommend the REFOG Personal Monitor - not only for it's monitoring efficiency and ease of use (not forgetting it's stealth capabilities which is totally transparent to the desktop user) -but it is also as an easy audit trail for me (if the browsing history in Explorer is cleared), of where I have been if I want to refer to a website address that I had previously visited .. An allround extremely valuable and most helpful tool!


I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with REFOG Keylogger. Before I started using REFOG, I had tried out 2-3 other tools that were either too heavy on system resources or not-so-invisible-while-they-were-free or some other problem. Then I came across REFOG at and the first thing that I noticed was so many positive reviews by other users. Immediately I knew I had to try it out. Once installed, it was completely untraceable in my system although it was only a trial version initially and hardly made any difference on the system resources. For my purpose there couldn't be a simpler, easier-to-use, not-in-face application available. Once the trial version ran out, I immediately upgraded to paid version of the app because I loved this app so much.
It does have some minor quirks though but none that would detract from the awesomeness of this app.


This has been very useful tool for my 11 year old daughter as far as monitoring her use on the computer. Lets just say she is a smart girl and she has been to some places that she shouldnt have. Since one or two issues she now knows that I can see where she has been even though she clears her history. You are very quick on updating when it comes to the messengers when they update also. so far I am very pleased and has been a wonderful tool and still leaving her access to games and things unlike net nanny which was a pain. Especially when it came to book reports and wouldnt allow her on many sites. So I am very pleased with the product and has done extremely well with me. I do not have anything negative to say about it if I find something I will let you know.

Michael USA, AK

I have been using REFOG software for a while now and it has helped me to monitor my kid's computer to be sure he is not visiting inappropriate places. Because I have a boy in his early teens, it is hard to completely monitor what he does on the computer without sitting there with him. Just sharing with him that I have REFOG monitoring software installed on the computer, and showing him snapshots of places visited, has helped tremendously .

Johnny USA, MA

I really enjoy using your product. I especially like using the screenshots option. The option to adjust screenshots taken down to the second helps a lot since it only takes but a second at times to load a page and then go to the next. This way I don't miss anything that my kids are looking at.

Gerald Cabael

I've been using keylogger since february 2008 for monitoring the computer activity of my 15 years old daughter. She is in the middle of a very problematic adolescence and My husband and I were very worried about people she met, things she did, websites she visited. etc. With REFOG Personal Monitor we have the opportunity to follow her at the right distance. To this purpose I find very useful the log delivery via email.

Anna Ciampolini

I am very happy with my REFOG Keylogger. It has given me the tools to watch over my computer. I can see what the other users in the household are downloading. This helps me steer them clear of sites that have potential viruses and trojans. I can also see any new, yet undesirable, sites that are not currently blocked by parental controls. These sites no longer slip through unnoticed. I can block them from my family and feel safe about what my kids are looking at while online. The application itself is easy to use and has never given me any problems.


I purchased REFOG Keylogger out of necessity as a means of monitoring my wayward daughter's computer use. While I take no pleasure in doing this, it has been an enormous help and has allowed me to head off a number of potential problems.
The software gives me the ability to not only track her use of the computer on which it was installed, but also to capture her passwords so that I could keep track of her activity on (what she assumed to be) private email addresses, FaceBook accounts, etc. regardless of what computer she was using to access them.
She has never figured out how I always seem to know what is going on. REFOG Keylogger has given me access to the information I need to be able to ask the right questions at the right time. Because of this she has become much more forthcoming.
While we are clearly not out of the woods on all of the problems, your product has provided an invaluable tool. I recommend it to any parent who needs to keep an eye on their child's computer use (in my opinion that should be ALL parents).

Eric Rasmussen

I guess the best thing I can say about any software that I use is that it just works. We needed to know that the kids were making good decisions when they're online. Since they know that Mom and Dad are watching even when we're not present, it helps them to resist doing things online that they know we wouldn't approve of. The program's lightweight, easy to use, and easily organizes what we need to know, so we can spend more time enjoying each other and less time "fussing." Thanks for a terrific product.


My personal opinion of the monitor in short is this piece of software is invaluable. I have caught several employees using business PCs for personal business using it as well as 1 employee "cooking the books" for personal gain. Whether you plan to use it for business purposes or personal use to catch your significant other doing something she/he shouldn't you can't go wrong with this purchase.

Dale Acker
Tuscaloosa Center for Technology

REFOG Personal Monitor proved itself to be a very valuable tool for our small organization. Someone was apparently sending anonymous threat messages from a computer within our network. By installing REFOG Personal Monitor on suspected machines and monitoring selected user accounts, we were able to definitively trace the suspected activity to one individual. Thanks to screenshots, keylogging, and e-mail reports, we were able to present irrefutable proof of activity, terminate the employee, and avoid any potential legal action–as the terminated party was clearly in the wrong. Without REFOG Personal Monitor, we would never have been able to close this case as smoothly, quickly, and definitively as we did. REFOG was an invaluable tool. Thank you!

Edward Prados

This is a wonderful product to purchase and it actually does what it promises. You even get a 2 week free trial to test it out and see if it meets your needs. I tried the 2 week free trial and loved it. I purchased the software and put it on all 3 computers in my home. Even if you want to give your teenager/etc their privacy but want to just put in alarms for unfavorable topics…you can do this without invading their privacy too much. We have all kinds of parental controls on our TV's …why not the same function for PC's? Firewalls, don't block explicit images, it only protects you on sites. But with the Key logger…you can have an email sent to you the minute certain words are typed into the PC. I love it and just wish I had known about this software 10 years ago. It would have saved me from a lot of heartache.

Monica Hall

I was looking for a way to keep an eye on my family while they are surfing the web in order to prevent them from getting into trouble, and to keep them safe!
I found that this keylogger has really done its job. I know what websites they are surfing and what is being sent in emails. I did warn everyone that this was being installed on the computer, and that I would be watching, but they forgot about it, because it really does run "invisibly". Fortunately, we've had no real issues and it continues to work the way I had hoped it would.
I am also pleased with this program that it not only helps keep my kids safe online, but also helped when I accidentally deleted a document I was working on. I am always concerned that with all of the websites that are visited, there is potential for viruses to be pulled in, and risk the integrity of my computer system. Somehow a virus sneaked its way into my system and I lost almost a full day's typing work. The keylogger had all the paragraphs of the information safely stored, ready for me to retrieve!
The only real trouble I had with the program early on was that I did not add its files to my anti-virus program so that they would be excluded during a scan. Fortunately I had saved all my order and registration information, so I was able to uninstall, reinstall and am good to go! All the "bugs" I experienced early on have been worked out, and it is really user friendly. Your technical support people were very prompt in their response, and very patient with understanding my frustrations.
I would highly recommend this product to any parents wanting to keep their family safe online. It was well worth the cost of the initial purchase.
Thank you!

Concerned mom

I have used Key Logger for quite some time now and I will tell you it is great. Parents who want to monitor their children's computer activities should not be without it. It not only let's me know what they are doing on the computer, but as well, what Internet sites they visit as well as what they are messaging to their friends. We have found this info invaluable and have been able to correct our children's objectionable language and content while communicating or browsing. I highly recommend it.

David F.
Quebec, Canada

I am very glad with the REFOG Keylogger. I use it for my kids. I have 3 daughters of 14,12 and 10 years old. And because internet can be a dangerous environment I check regular via the REFOG keylogger what they are doing on the internet. With REFOG I can say for sure that my kids are doing nothing illegal's on the internet. The software is easy to use and has no influence on the performance of the computer. The software is also difficult to detect and nobody will detect or know that I am logging the computer behavior of my kids.

Bert van Veldhoven

This product is by far the best product I have seen for this purpose. It is completely hidden and nobody has anyway of knowing that it is running. It does a wonderful job cataloging key strokes and organizing them in an easy to use way. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

Amish Jhaveri

As a parent of a teenager, I find it is important to monitor our child's safe use of the internet. Because the internet account is in my name, I find it is important to make sure our child understands the implications of any inappropriate use of the internet.
Your REFOG software makes it extremely easy for me to monitor our child's use and then quickly address any corrective discussions we may need to have. Teenagers are young and sometimes they don't understand that the internet puts them in front of some very odd and unsafe people/resources.
We have been able to help educate our child on what websites or internet searches are inappropriate and what downloads or chat discussions are outside of our comfort zone. He is understanding more about the law and is learning some life lessons that hopefully will make him a better parent for when his kids are accessing the internet, when he becomes a parent.
Your software is not only easy to use, it is reliable and 100% effective. Our child is aware that he is being monitored and we've shown him what gets recorded and sent to us, whether we are home or travelling abroad. I love having the security and comfortable feeling that your software has given to our family.


I have been using REFOG Keylogger for over 2 years now. I have 3 daughters, ages 17, 12, and 9, and being able to occasionally monitor what they are doing on the computer while I'm at work is very helpful for me keeping them safe from online predators. There are a lot of things I feel that my children should not have access to online and being able to track where they go, I know that they are not using the internet to view pornography or other things that I feel are inappropriate for children their ages.

Daysie Chain

I purchased that SW because my kids are in their teenage years and I wanted to know, other than just locking everything, what sites they look at.
I wanted to know where their needs are and what they are interested in. Kids in their teenage years don’t talk much. So its easy now to monitor what they are thinking.
In the beginning you try to read everything. Now - I check it every other week here and there. Actually, after a while you see nothing strange really happens and you almost stop at all. Sounds funny - but trust is being built, And no nagging questions and mistrust arises.
Its nice to be able to follow alongside their life and support them more exactly according to their needs which they, of course, only tell their best friend.


I installed this product on my personal computers. I quickly found out a minor child living with us, was using the internet in a totally improper way. It also showed, at 16, he had an issue and needed to see a professional. He was searching for rape, even how to harm classmates. He is now getting help and his computer only used under supervision. REFOG helped us learn of the problem, which we suspected but could not prove, and we were able to act quickly. Some may see this as spyware or an intrusion into another person's privacy. In this case it was a safety net that worked well.

James Romero

I am very happy with this software. I have tried several competitors and found this to be the most complete and stable one. Thank you, Nick.

Marco Deppe

With three teenagers in our home, we can't always be watching over their shoulders to make sure they're not exposed to inappropriate material. Your product has worked wonderfully, allowing us to catch and address issues with the kids we may have missed. Thank you!{:.testimonial-body} Delle

I have used REFOG Software for the past three months and found it to be absolutely wonderful. It is very easy to set up and use and it works like a charm. I have achieved the goal by buying this software and it was the best investment ever. Thanks for helping me out with my problem and keep it up.


I purchased it last year because I felt something fishy about my young husbands behaveour. He was glued to the PC till late night and no trace left when check history etc. So It made me purchase your product. With the help of REFOG keylogger I manage to trace my hubby had an obsession over porn stuff. and vulger chat. and also I discoverd all his secret emails. ultimately I managed to save my husband from those bad habbits thanks to REFOG. If not for REFOG my husband would have got mentally sick and so our marriage life. I ecomend REFOG for concerned parents and spouces.


We have been using your software on our computer for about 6 months now. I have been able to make sure my children are using the computer smartly and not getting on web site I ask them not to. It makes me feel more secure when then ask to use the computer that I always have the ability to check what they have been doing.

Emily F.

I have been using REFOG for a while and I am happy with the software, it is being very usefull with all the features i need with a very affordable price. I really recomend your product it is very cost effective.


I've really enjoyed REFOG Keylogger since downloading it. Not only was it free but it works great, is easy to use, isn't memory intensive, and works great with Windows Vista. This is the easiest keylogger software I've ever seen to use.

Dwight Baker

REFOG employee monitor is a fantastic piece of software. Since installing I have not lost one single Human Resource proof case proving employees abusing the internet policy and being terminated for it…It allows me to leave the internet wide open for the 'good' employees to be able to check email, quickly login to Facebook, etc. only they know that all sites are being recorded. I am extremely pleased.

David Richey
( REI Consulting )

I have to manage about 120 users in 4 locations and a number of those can be working remotely from home. At certain times I have to be able to closely monitor users and their actions, either as a random audit or when there is a suspicion that they may be misusing out systems. Such actions can leave a company open to vicarious law suits so it is important to know exactly what is happening. I discovered Refrog Employee Monitor after just such an incident and I installed it on a user's PC. It proved invaluable in providing information as to exactly what had been happening and who had been doing it. Since then I have used Refrog Employee Monitor several times and it has helped to identify users who were misusing the systems and also prove the innocence of those that were not. I would recommend this product to any IT Administrator as an essential tool for monitoring your systems. You are able to monitor everyone on a system or just individual users. I use logs sent by email on external networks and logs delivered by FTP on internal networks. Refrog Employee Monitor is worth every penny.

Alex Crow
( IT Administrator )

I love REFOG Keylogger. Its easy to use and navigate. I love that it records everything the computer is doing. I was having problems with it but that is only because of my anti-virus program. Its almost solved. Your tech people have been great in helping me solve this. The only thing is the reply was a little slow but not too bad. Overall I am pleased with this program.

Jane Thomson

I bought your software because I was looking of a program that would track websites that were visited on each computer. I had been looking for a couple of weeks with no luck for a good one when I came across your program. So I download the trial version and loved the way it work and all the other thing I could track at the same time right from the start. I did at first of trouble with the delivery system but after a quick email to the support staff (I received the answer within 24 hr.) I got it up and running 100%. If anybody was looking for a good tracking program this is the program I would recommend. For the price it is worth it, it is easy to use and setup thanks to helpful tips and well built GUI.


REFOG software its incredible usefull. I used it to keep track of my past work. Many times I tried to remember when I had done something and couldn´t remember that. So I asked my Computer Technitian to find a solution and he brought up REFOG.
I have to tell you, I also used for security because many times I leave my pc unattended so with REFOG I always know on what has my pc been used.
I recommend this software to anyone. Im sure it has many more helpful uses.

Doc Mex USA, NY

I purchased REFOG employee monitor because I suspected that I had an employee abusing her internet privileges by using Instant Messaging software during company time and not paying attention to her work. I had an email sent to me each hour showing me what she was doing on her computer. Shortly after I installed the software I suffered a loss because of a data processing error that was traced to this employee. The loss cost my small company over $45,000. I was able to trace and prove that the employee had used an incorrect file because I was able to see her keystrokes and screenshots in the email that was sent to me. The employee was terminated and subsequently filed for unemployment that would have been charged back to my company. I was able to provide the Unemployment Department with the copies of what she was doing on her computer that was against documented company policy. Her unemployment claim was refused as a result of the documentation I was able to provide.

Dennis Trump ( Trump Direct )
Decatur, IL

Great Product! Your software allows me to keep a close eye on my kids while they are using our computers. I've used other products of this nature before but none of them worked as well.

John Clark