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I have been using REFOG Logger for over 2 years now and its a brilliant piece of software. It allows you to monitor everything happening on the host computer and you dont have to be behind the computer to see what is hapenning. All keystrokes, screen shots etc are sent to you defined refog cloud. I now know what my kids are doing on their computer and that enables me to correct them once they visit sites that are not appropriate for their age. Good work to you and your company


Сompatible with: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7; macOS 10.9-10.15 Catalina

  • Keystroke Logger

Safety First

Refog was designed to help parents safeguard their families by monitoring their kids online activities. The tool records your kids’ chats in social networks and over instant messaging, logs their Web browsing habits, and times for how long they played that game, putting you in full control.

Convenient Cloud Access

No longer will you have to come down to your kids’ Mac or PC to check the logs! Refog Keystroke Logger comes with a cloud account, allowing you to check everything recorded by the tool from your Web browser. Use your Mac, PC, phone or tablet to log in and review the logs!

What’s Recorded

Refog was designed to track common activities such as gaming and chatting. It records everything that is typed on your computer, automatically detecting conversations occurring in common social networks and instant messaging apps. Refog logs Web sites they visit, and records search queries in popular search engines. It logs every app and game being launched, and track its usage to let you know how much time your kids spent playing or working.

Invisible Mode

We view invisible mode Keylogger’s second best feature after cloud access. You can set a hotkey to call the tool up, and let it run on your computer without showing any windows or icons. No sounds, no warnings and no pop-ups!