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China: cybercrime recognised as a global problem

17 November 2010, by — admin ()

China and the USA against hackers. A week ago the 4th USA China internet industry forum was held in Beijing.

Gu Jian, vice-director of the Ministry of Public Security network security protection bureau, said in his speech that urgent Chinese USA collaboration on fighting internet crime was needed.

Cybercrime was only introduced into Chinese criminal law in 2009 when the country was already a major victim of hackers. Since then, more than 80 internet criminal groups have been destroyed. However, Chinese internet crime statistics are still bad today:

  • About 42 000 Chinese websites have been attacked by hackers, including 200 government ones.
  • 8 out of 10 computers in China are, to one degree or another, controlled by botnets, including more than 1 million IP-addresses.

In comparison, the average infection rate globally is 3.2 out of 10 computers.

China is looking for help from the USA, but different legal systems and conflict resolution measures often hinder joint collaboration. In 2009 the Chinese Ministry of Public Security sought cooperation from the Americans on 13 cases of child pornography and fake internet banks, but has not received a response.

Tim Cranton, Microsoft Director of Internet Safety, confirmed the global reach and seriousness of cybercrime and also the desire to overcome all possible barriers to combating it.

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