Keylogger by Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch keylogger is a handy monitoring program designed to control children and members of the staff. It is one of the top keyloggers of 2015 for home monitoring because you can eye nearly all your devices in one online account

Install the keylogger on Windows, Mac or Android device

Watch 5 devices at once, without spending extra money

Opt for a free 3 day trial and test the program


Hoverwatch keylogger is easy to install and use. Manage employee monitoring and parental control process and see every minute of user’s activity in your online account.


  • icon is removed from the desktop
  • application becomes invisible in the list of programs and running processes.

Captures typed text

Capture data that was entered through a keyboard. You can also see the text copied into the clipboard.

Social networks and chats

A new Skype feature will be added soon. It includes interception of audio conversations. You can play the audio in the online account.

Visited websites

  • screenshots of the page
  • time
  • address


Time intervals between taking screenshots may be specified in the settings panel


Logs images from PC camera. Dark or blurry pictures will be automatically discarded.

keylogger - online account

Computer activity

Records all activity on the computer in a chronological order:

  • PC switching on/off
  • users logging in
  • start of a program
  • command line parameters

File tracking

Tracks file operations: creation, copying, transferring and deletion.

The operation parameters are saved: list of files, initial folder, folder settings, etc.

How to install keylogger

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Keylogger (PC, Mac, Android)

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