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Track cell phone location with GPS and Wi-Fi

22 December 2015, by — admin ()

Track cell phone location with GPS and Wi-Fi

Track cell phone location (GPS, Wi-Fi)

Hoverwatch is our new app that can be enabled for cell phone location tracking using GPS and Wi-Fi. This software collects information about a phone’s location data and transmitts the necessary data to where its use may be of significance.

Wi-Fi hotspot signals as well as GPS systems which are close to the target device can be used to collect information regarding the phone location, but GPS signals are usually considered the most accurate. The advantage of using signals received from Wi-Fi hotspots is that less battery power is used and the method is also highly reliable in instances when the user of the targeted device switches the GPS feature off.

Apart from the pinpoint tracking accuracy Hoverwatch offers many other advantages. As many as 5 devices can be tracked at one account and signing up for this service is simple.

Users create a free account online by entering their email and a password of their choice. After having done this, the next process will involve downloading and installing the phone tracker installer that is available from the Hoverwatch account.

From the online account all the recorded data as well as phone geolocation can all be monitored with ease.

Why use Hoverwatch tracking software?

Tracking is the one valuable feature which can greatly help you to gain knowledge of the exact location of where your kids or employees are. This app is very useful in many ways and it offers relief in that you can exactly know where your preferred targeted device is. As a parent or a business manager it can get very difficult to constantly inquire of the location of the children or the sales persons.

This shouldn’t be anything to worry about as Hoverwatch hands over total authority to your favorite gadget. Any time any moment you can see the whereabouts of your targets. The other advantage that this great app offers is that it can help track a missing cellphone in the event of theft or loss.

Other GPS tracking apps will only work if both the Wi-Fi and GPS systems are on. But some smartphone users prefer to turn off these features due to the strain they put on the battery. Hoverwatch however has found its way over this limitation as it can still obtain location data with the help of GSM cell phone towers.

What this implies that, as the owner of this great app, you can get the data at your convenience as there will no constraint preventing you from achieving this. The frequency with which the software can request to give feedback on location data can also be adjusted. To make this kind of change the app user is just logs in and changes their given preference in their personal account.

This is very easy as it only requires a simple action and all will be set.

The location of a user can be viewed on a highly detailed map which is available in the personal account. The map is also highly clear and drawn to a suitable scale to give the much needed impression; outlining a suitable location without subjecting the Hoverwatch user to any second thoughts regarding the location which is being displayed. Just like other tracking apps, Hoverwatch greatly relies on internet connection and this is the suitable means through which the personal account can be accessed.

Having known how to track a smartphone location using Hoverwatch life can now get easier as you won’t have to worry where your kids are spending their time or for business persons the location of the sales person will just be accessible through the phone.

Know Hoverwatch in Detail

The geolocation of the target device is usually marked with blue dots on the map. If the targeted device has frequented a certain spot so many times then in that case the dot color will change to red. Clicking on the dot allows for zooming of the location. Hoverwatch also features controls like the Play button which can show the route followed by the targeted device on a specified time frame and this is done by means of lines.

Hoverwatch website.

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