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January, 2011 For Immediate Release

Refog has announced the release of Personal Monitor for Mac, a fairly intuitive yet powerful monitoring tool designed to give MacOS users a comprehensive insight into what's happening on a their computers when they are away.

Sometimes you enter a room just in time to catch a glimpse of your child or, say, your little brother hurriedly closing browser and shutting down some apps. While it can be something innocent, it's hard to just relax and stop worrying when it comes to your loved ones. Personal Monitor for Mac has been developed to let you find out about a problem before it's too late, or to chase away unreasonable worries.

The program tracks all computer activities, providing a vast array of monitoring functionality. Invisible in the stealth mode, it logs all keystrokes, saving IM conversations, messages, and basically every phrase typed; what's more, it saves addresses and names of websites visited and logs all applications running on the computer. To further illustrate what's going on, Personal Monitor automatically takes screen captures warning you if the person you're monitoring is even watching or reading something inappropriate.

The reports generated by the program can be stored locally or sent via e-mail. Personal Monitor features flexible filtering by date and the text search to save your time and effort. This way, if you want to know whether your son is spending too much time playing World of Warcraft you won't need to waste time and unnecessarily invade his privacy looking through all the logs.


Founded in 2002, Refog provides employee monitoring and parental control solutions for business and personal use. Refog software is used in 196 countries, acknowledged for unobtrusive monitoring capabilities. More information at https://www.refog.com/about.html


  • Download page: https://www.refog.com/download/mac.html
  • Company website: https://www.refog.com/