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Refog Releases Refog Employee Monitor 5.18

May 13, 2009
For Immediate Release

REFOG announces the release of Refog Employee Monitor, a software-only solution to monitor employees' activities. REFOG employee monitoring software logs keystrokes, records applications and files being used and Web sites being visited, keeps track of chats and instant messenger conversations, and takes periodic snapshots of employees' computer screens. The available invisible operation makes Refog Employee Monitor impossible to detect, while password-protected operation provides protection against unauthorized actions such as disabling or uninstalling the monitor.

About Refog Employee Monitor

Refog Employee Monitor helps businesses improve their bottom lines by improving employees' discipline and productivity without investing into full-scale video surveillance hardware. Used by hundreds of small and medium businesses all over the world, Refog Employee Monitor is proven to work. Knowing what employees do on their PCs during their working hours helps business owners prevent unauthorized activities and reduce wasted time, investigate and prevent leaks of sensitive information and provide real-time feedback on employee performance.

The available real-time alerts notify business owners immediately if a pre-defined event happens, e.g. an employee types certain keystrokes, runs certain applications such as ICQ or AIM Messenger, or visits certain Web sites. Real-time alerts enable managers to provide instant feedback to unauthorized activities.

Refog Employee Monitor recognizes all popular instant messengers such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, Skype & … Messenger, and provides business owners convenient access to conversations. Intelligent filters save time by allowing you to quickly glance through important information while skipping routine and legitimate activities. Refog Employee Monitor is easy to install, to learn and to use by any business owner without prior training in security or surveillance areas.


Founded in 2002, REFOG develops and markets numerous computer security tools. Its extensive line of computer surveillance and monitoring solutions ranges from a simple time-tracking application to multi-user, network-enabled user monitoring solutions aimed at small and medium-size businesses. REFOG provides employee monitoring software for homes and offices. Its solutions work on PCs and mobile phones.

Free evaluation version of Refog Employee Monitor is available at:https://www.refog.com/employee-computer-monitoring-software.html

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