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REFOG Personal Monitor

March 28, 2012 For Immediate Release

Refog updates REFOG Personal Monitor, the company’s most affordable parental monitoring tool, with the ability to monitor communications occurring via popular social networks. Currently supporting two social networks, Facebook and Vkontakte, REFOG Personal Monitor helps parents learn more about their kids online activities.

The ability to monitor conversations occurring in social networks helps parents track their kids behavior more closely, provide better protection against online threats and malicious persons. When in doubt about your kids’ safety chatting with a certain party, REFOG Personal Monitor is ready to help by allowing reviewing all conversations with a particular person.

REFOG Personal Monitor stores all incoming and outgoing messages and captures profile information of all parties. REFOG Personal Monitor implements a comprehensive capturing engine allowing its users following Facebook communications tighter and with more detail compared to other tools.

About REFOG Personal Monitor

REFOG Personal Monitor is the company’s easiest, most convenient and affordable parental control tool helping concerned parents to supervise their kids. By recording all activities such as keypresses, chats, social networking, opened Web sites and launched applications, REFOG Personal Monitor helps parents better understand their kids, prevent excessive gaming, chatting with strangers and visiting dubious Web sites. REFOG Personal Monitor is a perfect all-in-one tool to cover all parental surveillance needs.

It’s easy to get lost with all the activities and information being captured. To help parents concentrate on what’s really important, REFOG Personal Monitor places typical activities into tabbed groups. There are tabs for captured keystrokes and desktop screenshots, tabs for chat/instant messenger activities and social network communications, and tabs for clipboard, application, file and online activities. In addition, REFOG Personal Monitor offers convenient searching and filtering capabilities to allow parents find out about particular chats, applications, Web sites or conversations with a particular person.

Designed with families in mind, REFOG Personal Monitor is simple to use and easy to install. No complex settings or initial configuration are required. An optional master password protects REFOG Personal Monitor against unauthorized changes, modifications, de-activation and de-installation.

REFOG Family of Parental and Monitoring Products

Refog manufactures an extensive range of computer surveillance products. Its solutions range from simple, free keyloggers to sophisticated, network-enabled employee monitors. REFOG Keylogger and REFOG Personal Monitor help families with young children protect their kids from online threats. The company’s Employee Monitor helps businesses improve employee productivity without making them invest into a full-scale video surveillance system. Used by thousands of families and hundreds of small and medium businesses all over the world, Refog monitoring solutions are proven to work.


Founded in 2008, REFOG develops and markets numerous computer security tools. Its extensive line of computer surveillance and monitoring solutions ranges from a simple time-tracking application to multi-user, network-enabled user monitoring solutions aimed at small and medium-size businesses. REFOG provides employee monitoring software for homes and offices. Its solutions work on PCs and mobile phones.


Founded in 2002, Refog provides employee monitoring and parental control solutions for business and personal use. Refog software is used in 196 countries, acknowledged for unobtrusive monitoring capabilities. More information at https://www.refog.com/about.html


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