I have to confess that my familiarization with Refog Personal Monitor started with a cracked version. However, it happened only because I wanted to make sure that the program was what I’d been looking for... The product fully met my expectations – the UI is clear and intuitive, the software is not a memory hog and takes it easy on the processor. It quietly works in the background and you don’t really notice it :) Special thanks to the authors for ease of purchasing – I could from among dozens options. It also gets along perfectly with anti-virus tools (MSE, now NOD32) – all I had to do was to add the program to the list of exceptions.

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Refog Personal Monitor
  • Keystroke recording
  • Web history logging
  • Application monitoring
  • Screenshot history
  • IM monitoring
  • Email reports

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About 1.5 years ago, cracked Refog products started appearing on the web. Some of them were infected with viruses, and some simply didn’t work. “Activators” never actually activated the programs, but simply extended the trial period. Besides, these publicly available cracked versions are outdated, easily detected and deleted by anti-virus tools, and most of their features are no longer working.

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