User Activity

Being safe and being healthy when using computers takes learning. Unhealthy activities may include excessive gaming, too much chatting or pushing the boundaries beyond the allowable screen time. Some types of behavior may be unsafe; they can be dangerous for your kids and bring legal troubles to the whole family.

User Activity

In many countries, typical teenager activities such as torrenting are highly illegal and may incur heavy fines or prohibitive legal expenses. It can be hard to deal with the consequences, but very easy to prevent.

Today’s Internet brings tons of inappropriate content to the fingertips. You can’t hide all or even most of this from your kids, but you can break a habit before it turns into bigger a problem. Tracking your kids’ activities will help you teach them about safe and responsible use of the Internet and its countless resources. The more you know about your kids, the better equipped you are to keep them out of trouble.

Use Refog to:

  • Log the total time the users spend in the system
  • Log the the time the users spend working in particular applicaitons
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